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Senior Pet Care

Cherishing Your Pet’s Golden Years

As pets grow older, their needs evolve. Aging pets often call for extra care and attention. That’s where we come in, providing specialized senior pet care to keep your senior fur baby in the best shape possible.

Growing Older and Wiser

The aging process happens much faster in pets than people. Many pets step into their senior years as early as seven years old, and sometimes earlier for large dog breeds.

Aging is not a disease! We believe senior pets deserve specialized care and treatment because aging poses unique health demands.

Pets entering a new life stage benefit significantly from specialized senior vet care. At Eno Animal Hospital, our expert Fear Free vet pros develop a health care plan that suits your senior pet’s exact needs.

Why Senior Pet Care Matters

Senior pets have different needs, and we’re here to meet them head-on.

Senior pet care often means adopting a new diet, undergoing comprehensive screenings, and utilizing pain management medications to ensure your beloved pet’s wellness and comfort.

We understand the significance of the transition into senior years and the responsibilities that come with it. Proactive and tailored care becomes even more important.

A Partner in Your Senior Pet’s Wellness

With our expertise, pet parents of senior pets are armed with the best education and personalized treatment plans that account for complex evolving needs.

Wellness check-ups for senior pets are necessary every 6 months, since pets can age so quickly. Lab testing is a cornerstone of comprehensive senior pet care. Early detection of potential health issues ensures quick and proper treatment.

Discover Senior Pet Care at Eno Animal Hospital

We’re your partner in your pet’s senior care and an advocate for enhancing your senior pet’s quality of life. We want you both to savor every moment of your fur baby’s golden years.

You will always be an integral part of your pet’s health care plan. With Eno Animal Hospital at your side, aging is a shared journey filled with understanding, care, and support.

Your senior pet deserves the best care possible, and that’s exactly what we provide. Let us know how we can help, especially by scheduling a senior check-up.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.