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Dr. Allison Lecuyer

We’re entirely dedicated to your pet’s health and happiness.

At Eno Animal Hospital, our team is entirely dedicated to the health and happiness of pets in Durham, Bahama, Butner, Rougemont, Creedmoor, and surrounding communities.

Dr. Allison Lecuyer with dog
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Dr. Allison Lecuyer
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Dr. Allison Lecuyer, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

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Meet proud Raleigh native and Wolfpack alum Dr. Allison LeCuyer!

She graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s in animal science from NC State, spent a year as a research assistant at NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2023 from—you guessed it—NC State.

She has a strong attachment to the Piedmont area and is thrilled to be starting a new chapter in our beloved Bull City with her husband and their albino parakeet, Ino, who enjoys singing to loud music and snacking on millet seed.

Funny enough, Dr. LeCuyer didn’t have a household pet until she was in high school when her family got Frankie, an Australian Shepherd, who still loves to play (and chase but never catch critters) on her parents’ farm in Hillsborough, NC.

An avid equestrian, Dr. LeCuyer started riding horses at nine years old. At 12, she got her American Saddlebred show horse, Mia: a big, beautiful, uncharacteristically sweet redheaded mare.

After 14 years of riding, training, and showing with Mia, Dr. LeCuyer lost her sweet horse to an illness. She feels so lucky to have loved her, been loved by her, and learned so much about life from her. Dr. LeCuyer says Mia greatly influenced her decision to become a veterinarian.

Dr. LeCuyer’s favorite part about helping pets is improving her patients’ quality of life. She wants to help strengthen the bond between pet parents and their fur babies so pets can thrive! She’s enthralled by investigating problems, finding solutions, seeking knowledge, working collaboratively, and, most importantly, educating pet parents on the best medicine and care.

One of her most memorable cases is an 8-month-old foal paralyzed by botulinum toxin. He needed intense nursing care: feeding, cleaning, and moving every few hours to prevent sores and stimulate circulation. After three weeks, Dr. LeCuyer watched him progress from barely moving his mouth to lifting his head, moving his limbs, and finally sitting up.

“The moment we helped him stand and walk on his own was truly magical,” she says. “We don’t always get success stories in this industry, but the ones we do get are truly sweet.”

During her spare time, Dr. LeCuyer is almost always training horses and at horse shows. She also loves growing vegetables and cooking meals from her garden. She and her husband have perfected their favorite: homemade pizza.

Her spirit animal is a deer: highly sensitive, deeply intuitive, both determined and gentle—with the power to deal with challenges with grace. Her favorite quote, by Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

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