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Pet Wellness Care

The Best Medicine Is Preventative Medicine

Pet wellness care is the most important thing we do. Regular vet visits are the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy for many years to come.

There’s no magic formula for a long, happy life—keeping up with comprehensive wellness care is your best bet.

Know Your Pet Inside and Out

Getting to know your pet when he or she is healthy is key. Through regular wellness visits, your Fear Free vet team gains essential familiarity and knowledge to help us provide the best care for your pet’s whole life.

The most important part of any visit is the complete pet wellness exam. During this “nose-to-tail” time, your veterinarian will expertly access your pet’s eyes, ears, teeth, mouth, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines, joints, spine, skin, paws, and more.

Wellness visits are also when we update vaccinations, perform essential lab work, and discuss anything and everything that supports the long-term health and happiness of your fur baby.

We want to know your unique pet’s “normal” health baseline and behaviors, plus catch any issues early. Preventing health problems is much easier and less expensive than treating them.

Test Early and Often

Wellness blood work shows us what’s going on with your pet’s internal organs and systems.

We recommend it early, as young as a few years, to establish that all-important “normal” baseline for your pet. Then we can track even minor changes to get ahead of health problems with diet or medication.

A young wellness panel includes liver and kidney values, glucose levels, red and white blood cells, protein, electrolytes, and more.

We also need to test your pet for heartworms every year in order to prescribe life-saving parasite prevention. Protection against fleas, ticks, gross intestinal worms, and deadly heartworms is key year-round.

Step Up Your Senior Care

Age is not a disease! Our vets are honored to treat senior pets. It’s a blessing to know and help fur babies for all the many years of their lives.

Once your pet reaches senior status, twice-yearly vet visits are hugely beneficial and important. “Senior status” is based on size and breed for dogs and is usually around seven years old for cats.

As pets age, health problems can come fast and furious. A naturally shorter life span means a lot can happen in 6 months. Half a year is a huge percentage of life for a senior pet.

Senior blood work offers critical health insights into thyroid health, heart function, urinalysis, and more. There are so many common senior conditions we can treat or manage with medication and even laser therapy or acupuncture. We never want pets to suffer simply because they’re aging.

Senior pet wellness care helps keep your fur baby comfortable and happy in the twilight years, which is what we all wish for our own pets and even ourselves.

Schedule Your Pet Wellness Care Exam Today

Routine vet visits are essential to your pet’s health and happiness. Please let our team know how we can best help your fur baby.

Do You Need a Day Admission?

What if your pet needs a visit but can’t fit into an exact time slot? Reserve a day admission spot!

Day admissions are super convenient for busy pet parents, plus allow us to see as many patients as possible as we juggle a full day. You bring your pet to us in the morning; our team has the flexibility throughout the day to help your pet.

We ask day admissions to arrive between 8 and 8:30 a.m. and can usually accommodate small exceptions. Admitting your pet with a vet assistant takes about 10 minutes. You’ll update us on your pet’s health and fill out an admission form.

Admitted patients are not left lonely in a cage. Our medical team checks on them often. We also often walk admitted dogs, and always give lots of love and attention. During the day, we’ll call you with updates and an optimum treatment plan, then set up a time for you to come back and pick up your fur baby.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.