Eno Animal Hospital

Eno Policies

These are our essential policies.

We dedicate our lives to helping pets.

Our mission is to help as many pets as possible with the best care and compassion using Fear Free methods. We promise we’re doing our best.

a cat sitting on a mat
Prince tells us what he’s willing to do, and we listen.

Our Best Care Policy

Our team is all about best care and happy visits. We’re highly trained to treat each pet like an individual with unique needs, preferences, and personality. Building the trust required to treat nervous pets takes skill, effort, compassion, and time.

Fear Free medicine is better medicine. Fear Free methods dictate we must go slowly, use a gentle approach, and practice kindness. Fear Free visits are easier, happier, and less stressful for both you and your fur baby.

We will do everything we’re trained to do to reassure and comfort nervous pets. What we will not do: force a pet, scare a pet, keep going when a pet wants to stop, “just do it,” or “get it over with”—so please do not ask us to violate our Fear Free policy.

If we lose a pet’s trust, we can almost never get it back. That means we may never be able to help that pet again.

We keep track of each pet’s stress level. If your pet has high fear, anxiety, or stress (aka a high FAS score), our chill protocol is the best option. On calming medications—or full sedation for truly terrified pets—a fur baby will have only the happy memory of being sleepy—or will simply take a nap entirely—rather than the traumatic experience of fear.

The trauma of high stress is worse than a dose of calming medication. High stress causes elevated blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and physical and emotional damage. It’s dangerous for your fur baby and dangerous for our team.

Remember: A dose of calming medicine is much better than the trauma of high stress.

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Every pet gets our utmost care and attention.

Our Scheduling Policy

A typical Eno day includes wellness exams and sick visits, drawing blood and collecting samples for lab work, day admissions, toenail trims, treating pets with diarrhea and ear infections and intestinal parasites, pets having surgery and dentistry, pets having spa days and being checked in and out of boarding, and much more.

Eno Client Care Coordinators work diligently on our schedule. We offer assistant visits for pets who are current on wellness exams and do not have any concerns. If your pet is having an issue, you must schedule with a veterinarian.

Just like in human medicine, we’re legally and ethically bound to keep a current veterinarian/patient relationship. We must have a full physical exam on file to perform care or treatment, write or refill prescriptions, groom, board, or in any other way care for your pet.

If your pet needs an exam, you must schedule with a veterinarian. Please try to schedule wellness visits a few weeks in advance to secure the veterinarian of your choice. To ensure continuity of care, we always do our best to schedule any follow-up visits with the same veterinarian; in rare cases, this may not be possible.

We have a select number of spots open for day admissions and will offer this if our visit book is full. Day admission is simply another option for care; there is no added fee. We also hold a few spots open every day for sick pets, and those spots can fill up quickly. We will see your pet if we can.

The Wait List Policy

We always keep a waitlist and will go down the list one by one if a spot opens up. We will book the first person we reach; we will not leave a message. If your pet is on our wait list, please answer our call!

A note about running behind: we have a full schedule, whether or not we have a full team. Our phones ring constantly, and we’re happy to talk to and help each pet parent.

When an unexpected circumstance arises, we may fall behind. For example: we discover a heart murmur on an exam and need to do a lab test because it’s best for the pet. Drawing blood adds five minutes, plus another vet assistant to help.

Sometimes we need five extra minutes for a nail trim. All these little five extra minutes for best care add up. We’re going to take the time each pet needs and promise to do the same for your pet. Please keep in mind your pet will get as much attention when it’s your turn.

Our Late Policy

Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment so your pet can benefit from the full visit time. To help our team prepare for your fur baby, you can submit a Fear Free Questionnaire or fill out the appropriate visit form in advance.

When even one pet parent runs late, the ripple effect can put us behind all day. It’s only fair to each and every pet (and pet parent) we see in a day to arrive on time. We also understand unforeseen circumstances may delay your arrival. For regular visits (lasting 30 minutes), we grant a generous grace period of 10 minutes.

For sick visits or more complex appointments lasting 40 minutes, the grace period is 15 minutes. For short visits with a Vet Assistant, you may run 5 minutes late.

Please call us ASAP if you know you’re running late so we can adjust and try to squeeze you in! If you arrive outside the grace period, even with your best effort and communication, we reserve the right to reschedule. A last-minute rescheduling will be considered a late cancellation and trigger our deposit policy.

We work hard to see pets in a timely manner and really appreciate your on-time arrival.

Our Deposit Policy

Deposits help us secure our schedule by preventing last-minute cancellations and no-shows that wreak havoc on the day and disrupt everyone. Our schedule is a juggling act; every spot is filled with a pet who needs care. A last-minute cancellation or no-show leaves a hole where we could have helped another pet.

We take deposits for surgery, grooming, boarding, and the very first visit. The deposits are: $100 for surgery, $50 for grooming, one night of boarding ($50 for dogs under 100 pounds, $65 for dogs 100+ pounds, and $28 for cats) for boarding, and $50 for new clients.

Current clients in good standing do not need to make a deposit for vet visits. Current clients who cancel or reschedule at the last minute or no-show must then put down a deposit to book again.

A deposit is not a fee! It applies wholly to your invoice once we see you and your pet. All we ask is you follow our cancellation policy (48-hours notice required), and you will never surrender a deposit. Please see below for the full cancellation policy.

Cancellation and No-show Policy

If you can’t keep an appointment, we need to know in advance so we can help another pet. To cancel any type of appointment, we require 48 hours notice.

When you cancel or reschedule with 48 hours notice, we can leave any deposit made on your account (for surgery, grooming, boarding, or the first visit) as a credit for the next time or fully refund it.

If you did not put down a deposit and cancel at the last minute or no-show, a deposit of $50 will be required to book again.

If you put down a deposit and cancel at the last minute or no-show, we will keep the deposit, and another deposit must be made to book in the future.

We understand unexpected circumstances arise. Acts of God or true emergencies are exempt; we will use generous discretion if missing a visit cannot be helped.

We do not charge cancellation fees. We only take deposits.

A note about specialty surgeries: We partner with a board-certified surgeon for specialty surgeries such as orthopedic repairs, foreign body and mass removals, biopsies, and the like. The specialty surgeon charges a cancellation fee: $200 for canceling within 24 hours and $400 for a same-day cancellation.

Thank you for respecting our time and all we do to help pets.

Payment Policy

We promise to create a detailed treatment plan for your pet, listing all the best care and procedures and a price or price range for each. If medical circumstances unexpectedly change during a day admission, surgery, dentistry, or in any other case, we promise to keep you informed on care as well as cost. We’re all about transparency and collaboration on your pet’s care; you may ask about cost at any time.

Payment is required when services are provided. We accept cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, Care Credit, and Scratchpay.

bella holding a dog
Our top priority is always what’s best for your pet.

Our Referral Policy

What is a referral? A referral is the best option for a pet in need of care we cannot give. Referrals are situation-dependent and made with expert assessment. We give a referral when it is best for your pet.

We are not an urgent care hospital or emergency vet. Our schedule is almost always completely booked. Referrals are best care.

Pets with scheduled visits take priority, and we almost never have time to work in a pet. If we do have time, we will see your pet! (Call us as early in the day as possible, as we hold a few spots open daily for sick visits.) Emergencies still need to go to a specialty hospital.

Even if we can lay eyes on your pet for an urgent or emergent matter, your Eno vet will still refer you to an urgent or emergency hospital because it is best for your pet. We don’t want you to spend any time—or any money—at Eno when you need to be at a specialty hospital.

If your pet needs care right away, we are usually going to make a referral. Our team is happy to take your call and assess what your pet needs. We’re always here to help and appreciate your understanding.

When we give a referral, we are not refusing to help your pet.

The referral is the way we help your pet.

vet wearing a mask and a dog
We’re all in this together.

Mutual Respect Policy

Working at a vet is incredibly rewarding—and very hard. We work long hours, on our feet, to provide the best care to each unique pet. The environment is intense and fast-paced.

We promise to take care of your cherished, beloved fur family. We know you love your pets fiercely, and rightly so. Taking care of pets is a huge responsibility, and we take it to heart every day. We have the privilege of making a difference in your pet’s life. Every time a tail wags at us or a cat nuzzles us, we feel love and pride.

We’re here when your pet isn’t feeling well and can’t tell us what’s wrong. We’re here to share the joy of welcoming a new pet. We’re here to break heart-wrenching news that your pet is sick or suffering, and the time to go is here. Then, we’re here to help you say goodbye to the best friend you love more than anything. We love your pet, too.

Our promise to you is to help your pet and treat you with respect. Your promise to us is to be an active partner in your pet’s care and treat us with respect.

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Dealbreaker: any abuse (from humans) directed at our team, ever

Our Abuse Policy

We love our Eno family. We love being your vet. Please don’t bark at us.

We know how hard it is to have a sick pet. When folks get stressed, they can lash out. We know it’s emotional, not personal—but it is always unacceptable. Threatening the people who help your pet does not help your pet.

Please have empathy and keep your temper in check. We are doing all we can, under intense pressure, and already tolerate a lot of stress in this demanding job. If you think you can do better, we’re hiring!

We will not tolerate screaming, yelling, insults, threats, cursing, or any form of abuse.

You trust us with your pet. We trust you not to abuse us. If you break this trust, we will break up with you. We have too many wonderful pet parents to tolerate abuse from a few angry folks.

If you engage in any type of abuse, we will gladly provide your pet’s medical records and politely ask you to find another veterinarian. There will be similar policies there, too.

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Big hug!

Thank You for the Love and Support

We appreciate your understanding, patience, and support. We feel the love from our Eno family every day and really appreciate y’all being nice to us.

Taking care of pets is the best job in the world, and we’re honored to do it.

Please remember these essential policies…

  • We believe in Fear Free care, always.
  • We keep a detailed schedule and are almost always completely booked.
  • We require deposits only for surgery, grooming, boarding, and new clients.
  • Give us 48-hours notice to cancel or reschedule.
  • Referrals are best care.
  • We promise to take care of your fur babies. You promise to treat us with respect.
  • We will not tolerate any form of abuse.

We’re doing our best for each unique pet every day. Our team is amazing. Would you or someone you know like to join it? We’re hiring! We believe in helping as many pets as possible and work hard every day to do so.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.