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Sparkle F., Director of Administration
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Sparkle F.

Vice President of Administration

Born in Niagara Falls, Sparkle spent her childhood in Durham with a special Husky named Jasmine—a pup who did fun tricks like play hide and seek with her toys! Sparkle also adored her family’s two other dogs and one cat.

After earning her high school diploma through Durham Technical College, Sparkle worked for many years in operations and facilities management. When she wanted a change—a chance to do something deeply meaningful to her—she joined the Eno team in February 2021.

Sparkle’s motto is: “If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.”

Her can-do spirit helps us be the best vet. Sparkle absolutely lives up to her name: friendly, kind, exuberant, positive, and cheerful. To her, the best thing about Eno is meeting and getting to know our diverse pet patients. She especially bonded with Denver during his many puppy visits!

Sparkle lives in Morrisville with her human children and two cats, Nala and Toulouse. She loves the beach: swimming, walking, and reading on the Tarheel State’s serene shores. Her spirit animal is the playful, joyful, communal dolphin.

Briana bio pic w Sage
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Briana G.

Vice President of Medical Services & Registered Veterinary Technician

A true northerner, Briana was reared in upstate New York and Vermont, the eldest of four siblings and surrounded by dogs, cats, cows, and horses. She earned her undergraduate degree in veterinary science from Vermont Technical College and has worked in the field since 2011.

Bri has extensive experience in general practice, overnight emergency medicine, and behavior training. She hopes to get her RVT specialty in behavior and is proudly certified Fear Free Elite. An Eno team member since August 2023, Bri brings her impressive skills and deep compassion every day to make our care even better.

Bri loves working at Eno for the work ethic, team spirit, and camaraderie. We work hard to make sure pets get everything they need and deserve, plus we still have fun and laugh together!

Bri lives in Durham with her husband and 9 animal babies: dogs Sage, Groot, and Kara; cats Baloo, Sylvester, and Dasher; geckos Charmander and Victor; and one ball python, Levi. She likes to hike, visit Bull City’s amazing breweries, and participate in dog sports. Her spirit animal is the playful, creative otter. Her favorite quote is: “Never let your fear decide your fate.”

Anna B bio photo collage
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Anna B.

Vice President of Marketing

Anna B. was born and reared in Greensboro, an only child with six cats. Today she and her husband live in Durham with their beautiful feline family: Oliver, Mortimer, Edith, Frances, Amelia, Seamus, Minerva, and Wynne. She believes in Hemingway: “One cat just leads to another.” And the philosophy that “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

Anna B. enjoys feeding cats, snuggling cats, adding to her impressive collection of cat magnets, and cats. Her motto is: “Every special diet is worth it.” The best day of the week at her house is claw-clipping day. She is her cats’ spirit animal.

After earning a bachelor’s in media communication from the College of Charleston, magna cum laude and with honors, and her master’s in journalism at Columbia University, Anna B. worked as a reporter, writer, and editor in New York City and lived in Brooklyn for many years. She also ran her own business as a freelance content creator and marketer for many top-tier and non-profit clients: happily composing away with a cat on her lap.

Anna B. joined Eno in April 2019. She’s excited to grow the amazing Eno family and make a positive difference in our community. She’s impressed by Eno’s team spirit and commitment to education. She manages this website; feel free to contact her with thoughts, suggestions, and feedback at

Rosa Florres bio pic w Duchess

Rosa F.

Marketing Assistant

Rosa was born and reared in Raleigh surrounded by three siblings and many pets: first, two birds named Nina and Alex, then a Pittie mix named Ruby, and now five dogs! Miska and Skie are Huskies, Luna is a Maltipoo, and Venus and Bimbo are Maltipoo/Chihuahuas…so there’s never a dull or quiet moment in her house.

Rosa graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in May 2023 with a degree in digital arts and a minor in art history. She interned in marketing and graphic design during and after college and joined the Eno team in September 2023. She loves the happy, supportive environment and opportunity to grow in her field.

At home in Raleigh with family, Rosa loves to bullet journal, play Zelda or Animal Crossing on Switch, and listen to music. Out and about, she loves hiking and going to art museums. Her spirit animal is the powerful, intelligent, intuitive wolf. Her favorite motto is something her parents always told her: “Echale ganas,” which means always give it your all.

Evelyn with Gizmo
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Evelyn R.

Client Care Supervisor

Evelyn grew up in Bull City with an older brother, a younger sister, and pups Doggie, Tyler, and Jake. She graduated from Riverside High and took classes at Durham Technical Community College. Today she’s dog mom to Maisie and Mr. Pickles.

Evelyn’s a true Durham girl! She loves helping people and speaks fluent Spanish: a tremendous help to our Spanish-speaking pet parents who need to communicate about their fur babies in their heart language.

Evelyn joined our team in June 2022 eager to learn about best care and excited to spoil as many Eno pets as possible!

For fun she likes doing puzzles, reading books, and watching movies. Her zodiac sign—Cancer—represents comfort and selfcare. Her life motto: “Stress is only temporary.” Evelyn has faith tough times are only here for a moment—things will always get better.

Michelle bio pic with Ivie
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Michelle H.

Client Care Coordinator

Michelle grew up in Burbank, California, with two cats named Moonlight Kitty Kitty and Princess, two horses named Maxamillia and Crystal, two guinea pigs named Patches and Super Chicken, five actual chickens, six beta shark fish, and six dogs: Heather, Bridget, English Muffin, Dinkum, Marya, and Brandi. Wow!

After earning a bachelor’s in business from California State University, Michelle worked in the world of beauty as a licensed esthetician and master eyelash extensionist. In the world of business, Michelle has experience as a regional sales distributor plus 20 years as the owner of her own beauty salon.

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic forced her California salon to close. Happily, she’s making a new life in North Carolina! Eno is a great fit for her love of animals, people, and customer service. Michelle especially adores the quirky, joyful personalities of dogs. We welcomed her to the team in November 2021.

To Michelle, the best thing about Eno is meeting the fur babies! She also enjoys the nice people and happy environment.

Michelle lives in Hillsborough with her husband and rescue pups: Ivie the Pitty and Bettylou from our very own APS. She’s thankful for her beautiful neighborhood and happy neighbors. In her spare time, Michelle sculpts bismuth metal into bowls, accessories, and home decorations and sells her art at the Makers Market. Her spirit animal is the creative, magical unicorn, and she lives her life by the golden rule.

Martina and Lucky

Ivan M.


Ivan grew up in East Durham with three older sisters and many beloved dogs. His favorite pup was his very first American Bully, BangUm Smurf.

When Ivan was young, he helped at his uncle’s kennel and gained a deep respect for animals. He graduated from Riverside High School in 2006 and earned his certification from PetSmart Grooming Academy in only four months. He started as a bather and ultimately became a salon manager through talent and hard work.

We welcomed Ivan to our team in October 2021. His life mantra is: “Positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life.”

Making grooming a positive, transformative experience is a priority at Eno. Matted fur can be a serious medical issue, and helping matted pets get back to rights is incredibly rewarding.

To Ivan, the best thing about Eno is our grooming suite, which makes for awesome spa days! Also our family atmosphere: a loving, optimistic attitude toward all pets, pet parents, and team members.

Ivan lives in Durham with his three Pittys: B.J., Blue Ivy, and Summer, who are all related to BangUm Smurf! For fun he flies his personal drone and takes videos of his travels. His spirit animal is the wise, courageous, intuitive owl.

Charles Enoversary
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Charles D.

Senior Veterinary Assistant

Charles has been our rock for 16 years! In all he does, he makes sure we’re the best vet we can be.

Charles joined Eno in June 2006: far predating even our owner, Dr. Sabrina Grinstead. Incredibly talented, reliable, and kind, Charles embodies and exemplifies our mission every day. He grew up on a farm close by and has had a passion for helping animals his whole life.

Everyone in the Eno family knows and loves Charles! He loves giving wiggly pups peanut butter and cats gentle hugs. He’s a dog and cat whisperer, patiently making friends with any nervous pet.

He gives Eno his all: wellness care, treatment, lab work, laser therapy, dental cleanings, anesthesia monitoring—and being there with pet parents for the tough times.

Charles lives in Rougemont with his wife and huge animal family: 11 cats, three dogs, a parrot, and so many ducks and chickens. When he isn’t holding down the Eno fort, he loves to fish.

Anna K.
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Anna K.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Anna’s favorite saying is, “A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than himself.” She knows this with all her heart, and we agree! She grew up in Roxboro with two Shih Tzus, Scooby and Oliver, and lives there today with her fur baby, Oakley. She’s been working with animals since the 5th grade.

From day one as a shelter volunteer for a school project, Anna knew caring for animals would be her career. In 2020 she earned her degree in animal science with a concentration in veterinary technology from the University of Tennessee and in March 2024 became RVT certified. Her special interests are dentistry and nutrition.

What Anna loves most about Eno are her team members, especially how everyone always has everybody else’s back. What we love most about Anna: her kindness and sense of humor. For fun she spends time with family and friends, shops, cooks, listens to music, and watches horror movies. Her spirit animal is the sensitive, intelligent, talkative dolphin.

Stephanie N., Veterinary Assistant
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Stephanie N.

Veterinary Assistant

Stephanie was born at Duke Hospital and grew up in Hillsborough with two Pomeranians, a Redbone Coonhound named Scooby who pulled her around the neighborhood on a skateboard, and a cat named Autumn who loved to play fetch and go sledding.

In high school, Stephanie was active in the Future Farmers of America program: showing pigs and goats at livestock shows. She earned her associate degree in animal care and management technology, and hopes to earn an RVT certification soon.

The vet field has always been where Stephanie wants to be. Her first job was at a horse barn, caring for the animals and leading summer camps and riding lessons. She has experience in dog training, kennel care, and reception. Her talent for communicating with both pets and their people shows every day.

For Stephanie, the best thing about Eno is all the friendly pet parents and their awesome pets! A team member since April 2021, she lives in Hillsborough with cat Sterling, leopard gecko Leo, crested gecko Tigger, black-and-white rabbit Bun Bun, and three dogs: Chloe, Ducky, and Bindi.

Stephanie calls Bindi, a cuddly Malchi, her pride and joy! Bindi is her spirit animal, basically Stephanie in dog form: loyal, protective, vivacious, cheerful, and unconditionally loving.

For fun, Stephanie enjoys hiking, shopping, swimming, fishing, and spending time at the beach or lake. Her motto is: “If you want something, go after it.”

Lina L.

Lina L.

Veterinary Assistant

Born in Germany, Lina moved to the United States in 2009 and her family opened a ballroom dance school. She’s the oldest of five, has lived in Connecticut and Florida, and grew up with 12 barn cats, two indoors cats, a dog named Humphrey, and Mushu the bearded dragon.

Lina was on a full scholarship at Duke as an engineering major when she started working at the “puppy kindergarten” lab and fostering neonatal kittens for APS. In 2020, two years into school, she realized vet medicine is her true calling, so she took a leave from college to gain priceless experience.

After several years volunteering and pet sitting and working in kennels, Lina joined Eno in June 2023. She’s also finishing her computer science degree at Duke, plus minoring in biology on the pre-veterinarian track—so she can pursue her dream to go to vet school at N.C. State!

Lina’s most memorable Eno moment is the “all hands on deck” rush of 4th of July boarding. Taking care of boarding pets is exhausting yet so rewarding. Her favorite part of the job is being part of a kind, supportive team. She lives by this motto: “Do not play it small; the world depends on your greatness.”

Today Lina lives in Durham with her wife and three spoiled cat babies: Butter, Honey, and Toast. She loves to read, knit, sew, and make fiber art. Her spirit animal is an orange tabby cat: blessed with happiness and a determined, courageous, powerful protector.

Hilary bio pic w Duchess
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Hilary B.

Veterinary Assistant

Hilary grew up with 15 pets! In South Boston, Virginia, she and her family had 11 cats, three dogs, and a snake. No wonder she was drawn to the vet field when she was young!

Hilary attended Halifax County High School and Ashworth College Sanwar Community College. She has experience in emergency vet medicine, joined our team in August 2023, and plans to continue her education by becoming a Registered Vet Technician.

What Hilary likes most about Eno is how we get along like a family. Every team member is an important individual and we collectively support and help one another.

Hilary lives in Roxboro with three dogs, three cats, two ferrets, chickens, and ducks. She loves going to the lake and jet skiing, having cookouts and bonfires, and dancing. Her spirit animal is the adaptable, intelligent raccoon. Her favorite quote is: “A little progress each day adds up to big results.”

Hilary bio pic w Duchess
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Kristy B.

Veterinary Assistant

Growing up in Hillsborough as an only child, Kristy had lots of pets to keep her company: dogs Rascal and Ziggy, horses, and a gentle umbrella cockatoo named Gus, with whom she had a special connection and still considers her heart animal.

After graduating from Orange High School, Kristy went to work in retail management. Yet she always had an interest in the vet field and soon transitioned into small animal care. Joining us in September 2023, she brought six years of experience and knowledge to the Eno team.

What Kristy likes most here is our warm camaraderie and sense of family. Plus that we are a Fear Free hospital! Kristy lives in Durham with her partner, Kate, and their five dogs, six cats, and 13 reptiles. See Zero, her cuddly pet snake, pictured with her! When she’s not helping our vets give the best care to Eno fur babies, she loves to mountain bike, camp, go on adventures with her pups, and attend music concerts.

Kristy confidently stands up for others and is passionately outspoken on animal advocacy. Her spirit animal is the protective, brave, loyal lion.

Hilary bio pic w Duchess

Sydney R.

Veterinary Assistant

Sydney was born and reared in Michigan with an older sister named Frankie and two pups: Buddan, a chill Mastiff, and Sophie, a neurotic Weimaraner—and the reason Weimaraners became her favorite dog breed. She just loves a mischievous nature!

As far back as kindergarten Sydney was interested in the animal health field. She has experience in urgent vet medicine and is studying to be an ultrasound tech.

What Sydney loves most about working at Eno is our team. And we all love her bubbly, bright, happy personality right back! Her spirit animal is the gentle, peaceful, often silly manatee.

Sydney lives in Chapel Hill with fur pups Daisy (pictured) and Shadow. For fun she hangs out with friends and goes hiking with Daisy. Her favorite quote is from Taylor Swift: “And if you never bleed, you’re never gonna grow.”

Mersadie M., Veterinary Assistant
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Mersadie M.

Vet Support Specialist

Mersadie was born and reared in Gastonia, outside Charlotte, happily taking care of the family’s many pups and cats—and even local prairie dogs—from an early age.

Mersadie’s love of helping animals grew into a passion for animal science when she took courses in biology and genetics. She earned her bachelor’s in animal science from NC State in May 2021 and joined the Eno team that August.

In 2022 Mersadie earned the highest possible Fear Free certification level: Elite. As our Vice President of Medical Services for about a year, she developed sharp skills in surgery, dentistry, and managing a busy team.

In August 2023 Mersadie transitioned into a new role: Vet Support Specialist. Now she’s responsible for expertly coordinating care between us and pet parents: scheduling and confirming visits, checking in on pets who’ve been sick or had surgery, and ensuring every unique pet gets exactly the right care.

Mersadie lives in Durham with her rescue cat, Miku, and the world’s sweetest Chihuahua: Niño. For fun Mersadie plays with her fur babies! To relax, she cuddles them while watching TV.

Quiet at first, then exuberant once you get to know her, Mersadie’s spirit animal is the social, cooperative prairie dog. Her motto came to her while working two jobs in college: “Even in hard times, there’s still a possibility to have fun.” Diligent and friendly, Mersadie always keeps smiling.

Adrian and Frasier
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Adrian L.

Kennel Manager

Adrian grew up on a small farm in central Oregon with six siblings and her beloved Morgan/Welsh pony, Kelly. She adored 4-H Club, competed in horse shows, and showed in English and Western Pleasure. She’s always loved being with animals.

Adrian joined the Eno team in June 2020. Her favorite thing is helping patients feel better, plus caring for so many fur babies! She meticulously ensures every unique boarding pet is healthy and happy—that Eno always feels like a home away from home.

Adrian chose to move to our great state for its beautiful climate, often walking the 10 minutes to and from work. At home she takes care of Bengal cats Apollo and Ares, a mini Jersey cow named Maybelle, and twin goats.

Adrian is the epitome of good nature and wise counsel. Her spirit animal is the cat: powerful, clever, intuitive, and magical. Her favorite quotation: “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

Valeria with winter

Valeria M.

Kennel Assistant

Valeria was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in the sunny state of Florida with her mom, two siblings, a Beta fish, and a dog named Peluche—meaning “stuffed animal” in Spanish. She moved to Durham when her mom got a great job. Happily, they love North Carolina weather!

After graduating from Northern High School, Valeria joined our team in June 2023. She always had a strong interest in animals; she even took a vet assistant class and shadowed our medical team two afternoons a week before becoming an official member of the Eno squad.

When she isn’t rewatching her favorite movie, Happy Feet, for the umpteenth time, Valeria loves to read. Her spirit animal is the determined, patient penguin. Her (current) favorite book is A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson.

Valeria lives in Durham with her family and has one dog, Sparky, a Jack Russell Terrier. Her life motto is: “Don’t think about the problem; think about the solution.”

Steven and Cloud

Steven H.

Kennel Assistant

Born and reared in Bull City with three older sisters, one being his twin, Steven was always surrounded by dogs. Out of 13 pups, his favorite was a Chihuahua named Gizmo. Plus he dearly loved his ball python named Demon.

Growing up with so many beloved animals sparked Steven’s interest in the vet field. He graduated from high school, attended a few years of college, and realized his passion was to pursue his childhood interest. In the future, he wants to try streaming as a career.

Steven’s favorite thing about Eno is how everyone is super nice and gets along! He fondly recalls getting to know the team and meeting one of his favorite Eno pups, Vega. His most memorable Eno moment is watching Dr. Grinstead perform surgery on a canine patient’s leg.

Steven lives in Durham and loves to play Pokémon, Soulslikes, Monster Hunter, and any kind of fighter game. His spirit animal is the protective and confident bear, calm until prompted to spring into action. The concept of time is important to Steven, so his favorite saying is, “Everything happens in seconds.”

Brad G., Support

Brad G.

Eno Support

Brad is married to Dr. Sabrina Grinstead and has many roles in the family business: IT wizard, public liaison, and, most importantly, dad to their two children. He grew up in Arlington, Texas, with a miniature Poodle and two gerbils.

Brad has a PhD in electrical engineering and runs a small software development company. He also has experience in computer tech and sales. His favorite part of Eno is, of course, helping his amazing wife succeed in her dream—it makes all the gross medical talk he’s endured at the supper table worth it! His spirit animal is the steadfast, protective Pangolin.

Brad’s hobbies include reading, hiking, playing computer games, and taking pups Leia and Badger on walks. He lovingly tolerates the two family cats and follows the tenet that “life is too short to eat brown bananas.”

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.