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Pet Grooming

A clean pet is a happy pet!

Pamper Your Pet With Professional Pet Grooming

Our pet grooming spa menu includes baths, brush-outs, de-shedding treatment, hypoallergenic and medicated shampoos, paw trims, sanitary trims, full classic haircuts with precise hand scissoring, and more. Our hospital was specially designed with pet grooming amenities, including a private, quiet, cozy grooming suite with lots of natural light. We’re happy to welcome both canine and feline friends for dog grooming and cat grooming. We’re actually the only place in town accepting cats as grooming patients! See our full spa menu.

Our Pet Grooming Services

Every groom includes ear cleaning, external anal gland expression, and nail trimming. Learn how nail trims are so important. Add-on services include nail sanding, teeth brushing, eye cleaning, brightening shampoo, special de-shedding treatment, and much more.

Grooming can be transformative, especially for long-haired or matted pets. Find out how mats are so dangerous.

Grooming truly makes a positive difference in your pet’s health and happiness. Our greatest reward is seeing pets become happier, healthier versions of themselves.


What a difference a groom makes! We offer functional trims and haircuts, from shave-downs to sanitary clips to classic cuts with precise hand-scissoring. Eno spa days can include warm, sudsy baths, special shampoos, brush-outs, blowouts, coat conditioning, and gentle de-matting.









De-shedding Treatment: The Furminator

Furminator treatment removes tons of excess fur and supports beautiful coat health. This special shampoo is loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, keeping skin healthy while reducing excessive shedding overall. Your groomer will pair many applications of Furminator shampoo with lots of gentle brushing with a special de-shedding brush. Shaggy pets come out bright and clean, streamlined, and soft!

Sedated Grooming Services

Sedated pet grooming is a solution for anxious or aggressive pets who need grooming treatment yet struggle with traditional baths and spa services. Under the supervision of a veterinarian, nervous pets get a mild sedative to ensure a stress-free grooming experience.

Our Pet Grooming Policies

Every grooming patient needs a current doctor/patient relationship since we’re legally and ethically responsible for every fur baby in our care. Grooming dogs must be current on core canine vaccines: rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella. Grooming cats must be current on core feline vaccines: rabies and FVRCP. We can happily perform these medical services, plus anything else your pet needs, at your pet’s spa day! These services are provided at our regular prices.

Pet Grooming at Eno Animal Hospital

Did you know we won INDY Week’s 2023 Best Dog Grooming in the Triangle? Book now to treat your fur baby to a relaxing spa day and ensure your pet looks and feels the very best.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.