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Pet Boarding

We know it takes trust to board your fur baby.

Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

We promise to care for all Eno boarding pets as if they were our own. We know it takes trust to board your fur baby. Our experienced kennel assistants provide the best care, cleanliness, attention, exercise, snuggles, and spoiling.

Your Pet’s Eno Vacation: What to Expect

You may check in your pet for boarding any time we’re open, although we ask you to come at the earliest 8:30 a.m. and the latest 5:30 p.m. You can pick up your pet any time we are open! When we’re closed, for first Saturdays or Sundays or holidays, you can come pick up your pet the very next day we’re open. No special exceptions may be made to meet us here after hours. Thank you for respecting our team’s time!

We check on pets at least three times a day—and often much more just because we love them! We meticulously track eating, drinking, and elimination habits. If we ever notice anything amiss, a member of our medical team or veterinarian is alerted immediately.

We’re happy to provide lots of love and attention, or lots of peace and quiet if your pet prefers. We can usually make special accommodations and are happy to go above and beyond to provide the best pet boarding experience.


Our kennel team goes above and beyond to craft custom boarding experiences for exactly what each unique fur baby needs. Yet pets with high fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) almost always do better at home.

Overly stressed pets suffer physical trauma, such as elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, and GI issues. They may cower, whimper, gnaw at themselves, or refuse to eat. Extreme stress is harmful and dangerous for fur babies, who may then pose a danger to our team. Worse, we can’t properly take care of them.

We cannot safely feed, water, walk, clean up, or give medical care to a pet who lunges, bites, or otherwise shows severe fear aggression. These pets are not bad pets! Our team simply isn’t able to make sure high FAS pets get the nourishment and care they need and deserve.

Every Eno pet gets an FAS score as part of a larger emotional health report, in keeping with our certification as a Fear Free hospital. Your pet’s FAS score is based on Fear Free guidelines and close observation. On a scale of 1 to 5, the higher the FAS the higher the score.

Our kennel team only accepts boarding pets with low or moderate FAS scores. A pet with an FAS score of 5 (the highest possible) needs a pet sitter, and we’re happy to recommend great ones! Pets with an FAS score of 3 or 4 (out of 5) need trial boarding.


Bring your pet for boarding admission at 8:30 a.m. We hope the day goes well and can progress into an overnight stay! Just in case, be prepared to pick up your pet before we close that day at 6 p.m.

If your pet shows signs of major stress, your vet may decide to administer calming medications as the best course of action. We will call you with details if Fear Free intervention becomes crucial. If your pet refuses any intervention or help to lessen stress, we must stop the trial boarding. Being Fear Free certified means we must do this essential screening for boarding pets who may exhibit heightened and dangerous FAS.

Trial boarding prices are…

Dogs under 100 pounds = $60
Dogs 100+ pounds = $75
Cats = $38

If your pet is deemed a good candidate for boarding yet also exhibits higher FAS, these prices will then apply to general boarding to cover special handling.

Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding suite is private and spacious, letting in lots of natural light. We have 16 large runs and six variously sized “rooms” for smaller pooches. Each pet has a designated cubby for food and medications.

In our large fenced-in walking area, your pup can run around at least three times a day. We love to walk dogs, enjoy fresh air, exercise—and doggy kisses!

Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding suite is private and quiet, with plenty of natural light and even bird feeders outside the windows. We have eight spacious connecting rooms, so you can even reserve multiple rooms to give your cat many ways to move around. Each room includes a small cubby for privacy, since we know kitties enjoy alone time!

Boarding Prices & Perks

We simply charge per pet per night.

Dogs = $50 per night (under 100 pounds) or $65 per night (100+ pounds) 
Cats = $28 per night

Your pet will have the very best boarding experience we can possibly create. In fact, each boarding stay is tailored to each pet’s unique needs and preferences and wants. Our kennel team takes much time and effort planning out how best to keep each boarding pet comfortable, happy, and feeling safe and loved.
Plus we’re also a Fear Free veterinary hospital, so if your pet has tummy trouble or itchy skin or any kind of health issue, our medical professionals are here on site, at the ready, to jump in and help, instead of having to transfer your pet to another place.
Kong treat toy $5 per serving

Peanut butter, liver paste, canned cheese, or crunchy treats

Frozen dog treat $3 per serving

Plain yogurt, banana & peanut butter

“Spruce up” treatment $25

Gentle brushout, aloe & oatmeal shampoo spray

Bath package $42 to $74

Aloe & oatmeal shampoo, blowdry, brushout, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning

Nail trim $20
Anal gland expression $20
Ear cleaning $22
Full grooming package with our professional groomer $62 to $116

Aloe & oatmeal shampoo, precise haircut or trim, blowdry, brushout, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning

Do You Accept New Patients to Board?

Yes! To join the Eno family, call our team or book a visit online. We need to meet your pet and establish care before a boarding reservation. Remember you get $40 off your first visit.

Just like in human medicine, veterinarians must legally and ethically establish a veterinarian/patient relationship with all pets in our care. (We’re a private hospital, not a doggy daycare or public boarding facility.) Your vet will perform a full physical exam and update any core vaccines required to keep all boarding pets safe. See our Boarding Policies below for details.

Please book boarding as far in advance as possible. We want to put a two-week cushion between your pet’s first visit and boarding stay.


#1: We want to make sure your fur baby is comfortable with us! Our Fear Free pros will assess your pet’s emotional health score and determine if boarding is the best option. Pets with high fear, anxiety, and stress do much better at home with a sitter.

In fact, pets with a high FAS (“fear, anxiety, and stress”) score can suffer trauma being boarded: refusing to eat, shaking and whimpering, showing fear aggression, and worse. This is awful for your fur baby and dangerous to our team.

We only accept boarding pets with FAS scores of 3 or below and require our “chill protocol” for any pets with medium FAS scores. We welcome and encourage you to book a trial boarding period for your pet! Even a night or two can help us see what’s best for your unique fur baby.

#2. A pet who needs core vaccines will have two weeks of protection on board when coming to stay in our boarding facilities. The health and safety of all pets in our care is always our top priority.

Boarding Policies

We must ensure the health and safety of every pet in our hospital. Boarding pets must have a current Eno wellness exam (within the last year) and be current on core vaccinations.

For dogs, core vaccines are rabies, distemper/parvo, Bordetella, and canine influenza. Boarding dogs must also have an intestinal parasite screen to ensure they are free of contagious worms. For cats, core vaccines are rabies and feline distemper. Exceptions may be granted by your Eno veterinarian only for medical (not financial or personal) reasons.

If fleas or ticks are found on your pet, we must provide appropriate treatment immediately, at additional cost, both to help your pet and prevent the spread of external parasites in our hospital.

If your pet requires a wellness exam, vaccines, or any other care, please call us to schedule a vet visit. Make sure to book your pet’s visit well in advance of the intended boarding stay! Demand is quite high, and we book up fast.

Eno is a full-service animal hospital, but we are not open 24/7 and are not an emergency facility. Your boarding pet will be given our utmost care and attention, but he or she will not be supervised overnight.

We practice the best safety. No harnesses or leashes are ever left on boarding pets. Towels, blankets, bedding, toys, and the like will never be left in your pet’s room or run if there is any chance he or she may ingest them.

There is a daily fee for administering medications and monitoring pets on medication. When you check-in, you must provide a list of your pet’s medications and indicate dosage, frequency, and when last given. Medications must be in their original containers with original prescription labels.

We require an emergency contact name and number: someone you authorize to make medical decisions for and/or pick up your pet. We will make every attempt to reach you in the rare event your pet requires urgent care or unexpected treatment.

Boarding pets may take a day or two to settle in at Eno. This is normal! If your pet is too stressed to eat at first, we will offer various foods to entice him or her. If a stressed pet has not eaten for 72 hours, our urgent care protocol kicks in, and we will make every attempt to reach you and then your emergency contact.

Pet Boarding at Eno Animal Hospital

Call or book online today to secure your pet’s boarding stay with us. We’re so happy to welcome your fur baby as our guest!

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.