Veterinary Services

Pet End-of-Life Care

Saying Farewell With Compassion

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is often the most difficult thing a pet parent must do. We understand the depth of emotion that comes with this heart-wrenching decision.

Our devoted team is here to give guidance during quality-of-life conversations, plus support and compassion during end-of-life care for your beloved pet. We will do everything we can to help you during your pet’s very last stage of life, and to ensure your fur baby’s final moments are full of love, comfort, and dignity.

A Difficult Choice Made Easier

Choosing pet euthanasia often involves many challenging factors. Euthanasia is an intensely personal decision for each pet parent. Knowing when the time is right can be difficult and stressful.

We promise to practice compassion, empathy, and respect. We promise to be with you every step of the way to make this painful process as peaceful as possible for you and your fur baby.

Guiding You With Care & Compassion

Throughout this difficult journey, our team stands as your unwavering support system. We offer professional care plus a shoulder to lean or cry on. As pet parents ourselves, we understand the profound impact of losing a pet. We also grow close to pets we’ve seen all their lives and will share the experience with you as much as you need us.

Honoring Your Fur Baby

Pet cremation is a thoughtful way to honor your fur baby and maintain a lasting connection. Our trusted partner, Faithful Companion, offers pet cremation services and compassionate support to memorialize your cherished pet.

We offer pet paw prints and nose prints, plus a lovely Pet Memorial page to honor and remember your special fur baby.

The decision of after-care is entirely up to you. We will help with anything you need.

You’re Never Alone

In the face of end-of-life challenges, please remember you’re not alone. We’re here every step of the way, committed to preserving the special bond between you and your pet and ensuring your fur baby’s peaceful farewell. We promise to fill your pet’s final moments with grace and dignity, and allow your pet to cross the rainbow bridge serenely and gently.

Compassionate Pet End-of-Life Care

If you have questions or need guidance about our pet end-of-life services, please reach out to our team. We will do everything we can to help you with compassion and love during the very last stage of your pet’s life.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.