Eno Animal Hospital

The Ethics and Etiquette of Eno

The Ethics and Etiquette of Eno

We dedicate our lives to helping pets. We help as many pets as possible. We love what we do and love being your vet.

All across our industry, demand is incredibly high and teams are lean. We’re incredibly busy. We juggle a lot.

Our veterinary team is all about best care and happy visits, and we are doing our best.

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Let us be clear: We love you and your pet!

Wait Times: We Get It

Every day our team tackles all kinds of visits and care: wellness exams, vaccinations, lab work, toenail trims, day admissions for routine treatment–plus helping pets with diarrhea, pets with intestinal parasites, pets for surgery and dentistry, grooming pets, boarding pets, and much more.

Our team is highly trained to treat each pet like an individual, with unique needs and personality. This takes skill, effort, compassion–and time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on the vet field, which was busy before. The pandemic requires extra safety measures and special protocols, and is adding extra challenges. One of the biggest challenges is appointment shortages.

We know wait times are longer than usual. Wait times have grown since appointment spots are in short supply. It’s simply an issue of space. We want to see your pet! We simply may have to book your pet’s visit for a few weeks away instead of a few days.

Our team works diligently and carefully every day on our schedule. We book visits based on what each pet needs. We keep a few spots open every day for sick pets, and those spots fill up every day almost immediately. We always keep a wait list and will call if a spot opens up. We will see your pet if we can.

What Can Cause a Longer Wait at the Vet?

On the day of your visit, you may have to wait a bit longer than usual. We know this is frustrating. Please be patient with us! We are not lazy or forgetful. We are dedicated animal lovers, and we are busy helping pets.

We have a full schedule whether or not we have a full team. Our phones ring constantly, and we’re happy to talk to and help each pet parent.

When an unexpected circumstance arises, we may fall behind. For example: We discover a heart murmur on a wellness exam and need to add lab work to the visit because it’s best for the pet. Drawing blood adds 5 minutes, plus another vet assistant to help.

Sometimes a pet is especially nervous, and we have to take 5 extra minutes for that nail trim. All these little 5 extra minutes for best care really do add up.

Remember: Dr. Grinstead, Dr. Robyn, and most of our team members are certified Fear Free, and we’re going to take the time each pet needs. We promise to do the same for your fur baby. While you’re waiting, please keep in mind that your pet will get as much attention as he or she needs when it’s your turn.

When a pet parent is running even a few minutes late, the ripple effect can put us behind all day. Please call us if you’re running even a little bit late! We’ll figure out if we can still squeeze you in or need to reschedule.

If you are unable to be here at all, we simply need to know in advance so we can help another pet. To cancel a vet visit, grooming appointment, or boarding reservation, please give us at least a 24-hour notice.

We know unexpected circumstances arise. If you simply cannot give us 24 hours notice or must be a “no-show” one time, we understand. Yet after two cancellations without 24 hours notice or two no-shows, we require a $50 deposit to book another visit.

We have strict cancellation and no-show policies because we have such a tight schedule. Every spot is filled with a pet who needs care. We fill spots from our wait list all the time, thanks to conscientious, kind pet parents who call to give us plenty of notice. Thank you for respecting our time, and all we do to help pets!

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We know wait times are frustrating. Please be patient.

Know a Great Fit for Our Team?

What can you do to help us help you? We’re hiring!

We have an amazing team. Would you or someone you know like to join it? No matter what: We believe in helping as many pets as possible and work hard every day to do so.


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Top priority always: what’s best for your pet

Referrals, Not Refusals

What is a referral? A referral is the best option for a pet in need of care we cannot give. Referrals are situation dependent and made with expert assessment. We give a referral to an urgent or emergency hospital when it is best for the pet.

We are not an urgent care or emergency vet. We are an animal hospital: set up for wellness care, lab work, routine surgery and dentistry, and treatment for certain issues such as ear infections, urinary tract infections, and the like. Happily, we are also trained in other great services such as grooming and laser therapy.

When we refer you to UrgentVet in Chapel Hill or Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital on Moreene Road, it is because your pet needs the specialty care their specialty teams can provide. Referrals are best care!

Our schedule is completely booked every day. Our vets and team work tirelessly, and we do all we can. What we can’t do is field urgent or emergency cases.

When we give a referral, we are not refusing to help your pet. The referral is the way we help your pet.

Keep in mind: Even if we could see your pet for an urgent or emergency matter, your Eno vet would immediately send you to an urgent or emergency vet because it is best for your pet. We don’t want you to spend any time, or any money, at Eno when you need to be at UrgentVet or TVRH.

If your pet needs care that day or right away, we are going to give you a referral. Our team is happy to take your call and assess what your pet needs! We’re always here to help and appreciate your understanding.

A Great Privilege, A Huge Responsibility

Demand for vet care is higher than ever, and teams are leaner than ever. Vets are almost always understaffed. Why? Because the work is so demanding.

Working at a vet is incredibly rewarding–and very hard. Team members work long hours, often on their feet, to provide the best care to each unique pet. The environment is intense and fast-paced.

We are responsible for fur babies: cherished, beloved family members whose pet parents love them fiercely, and rightly so. We all know the unconditional love of a pet: just how special, beautiful, and close this relationship is.

Taking care of pets is a huge responsibility, and we take it to heart every day. We have the privilege of making a difference in your pet’s life. Every time a tail wags at us or a cat nuzzles us, we feel love and pride.

Magpie and Dr Grinstead
We’re all in it together. Please be in it with us.
We’re here when your pet isn’t feeling well and can’t tell us what’s wrong. We’re here to share your joy welcoming a new pet to the family. We’re here to break heart-wrenching news that your pet is sick or suffering, and the time is here. Then we’re here to help you say goodbye to the best friend you love more than anything. We love your pet too.

Every day brings stress, but also laughter and fun. We cry but mostly smile, giving your pet hugs and treats and lifting each other up.

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Dealbreaker: any form of abuse directed at our team, ever

Please Don’t Bark at Us

We love being your vet. We love our Eno family.

We know how hard it is to have a sick pet. No one likes waiting. Money may be a concern. Personal problems exist that have nothing to do with us. Times are tough.

When folks get stressed or scared, they can lash out. We know it’s emotional, not personal–but it is always unacceptable. Threatening the people who help your pet does not help your pet.

Please have empathy and keep your temper in check. We are doing all we can, in difficult circumstances and under intense pressure. We can tolerate a lot of stress.

We cannot and will not tolerate yelling, insults, threats, cursing, or any form of abuse.

You trust us with your pet. We trust you to treat us with respect. If you break this trust, we will break up with you. We have too many wonderful pets and kind pet parents who need us and love us to tolerate abuse and disrespect from a few angry folks.

If you scream or curse at us, hurl insults, or engage in any type of abuse, we will gladly provide your pet’s medical records and politely ask you to find another veterinarian. There will be wait times and referrals there too.

In fact, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, many vets needed to stop accepting new pet parents. Demand became crushing. Let us explain why we kept our doors open.

A Tough Call

Back in April 2020, Dr. Grinstead made the decision to keep accepting new pet parents. Why? Because her mission has always been to help as many pets as possible, and pets adopted during the pandemic need care too. Where can new pet parents go with their fur babies, if they’re getting turned away from other hospitals?

The entire industry was in a tough situation, and Dr. Grinstead made a tough call. Our team knew we’d have to work harder than ever. So we do.

So as not to deny care, we keep welcoming pets and their people to the Eno family. Accepting new pet parents does not compromise care; it makes us ever more dedicated.

Finally: Thank You

We appreciate your understanding, patience, and support. We feel the love from our Eno family every day, and really appreciate y’all being nice to us.

In these tough times, there are many difficult factors in play. Demand is higher than ever. Wait times are longer. Our team is lean. If you want to help us, we’re hiring!

Taking care of pets is the best hard job in the world, and we’re honored to do it.

Referrals are best care. We’re doing our best for each unique pet every day. We cannot tolerate any form of abuse. Please don’t bark at us. Because we love you!

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Big hug! We’re honored to help you and your pet.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.