Poindexter B.

a cat lying on a bed

2001 – 2019

Nickname: Fitzy, Mr. Fitzy, Little Lion
Favorite food: Not very food motivated but loved snuggles!
Favorite toy: Long string on a wand, or a big flannel pillow to sleep on
Favorite activity: Snuggling with mama
How did you meet? He came into the animal shelter right when I was adopting another cat! I was in college in Charleston. A man found these abandoned kittens under his porch and brought them into the shelter in a laundry basket, as I was sitting at the front desk with a tortoiseshell kitty I’d picked out. It was a litter of grayish kittens, and Poindexter was sitting in the middle just this big pop of orange. I’d actually come to the shelter looking for an orange cat, but they didn’t have one, so it was fate at the last second. I just said, well I’ll take him too! And went home with two perfect kitties that day.
Favorite memory together: Snuggling all night

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