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Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Enhance Your Pet’s Mobility with Orthopedic Surgery

At Eno Animal Hospital, we know it can be stressful when your pet needs surgery. Our skilled Fear Free assistants use the best anesthesia equipment and medical technologies to ensure your pet is in good hands.

We provide a detailed care plan that always includes the safest anesthesia drugs and pain management medications. We keep you informed throughout the process and call you on surgery day to report on your pet’s procedure and recovery. Our committed surgery team dedicates full attention to your pet throughout the entire procedure.

You can trust us to provide your fur baby exactly the right care to improve health, happiness, and well-being.

Our Partnership with Synergy Mobile Veterinary Surgery

We work hard to provide comprehensive services catered to each pet’s every need. That’s why we joined forces with Synergy Mobile Veterinary Surgery to offer a wide range of pt orthopedic surgeries to address fractures, joint issues, and ligament injuries.

We focus on personalized care to restore mobility and enhance your pet’s overall quality of life. Orthopedic surgery services include but are not limited to…

  • TPLO surgery for cranial cruciate ligament issues
  • Repair of bone fractures and injured tendons
  • Repair of hip and knee (patella) injuries

By aligning with Synergy Mobile, we give our patients seamless veterinary care.

Synergy’s board-certified surgeon, Dr. Cindy Eward, and her expert speciality team come to Eno with full equipment and gear to perform your pet’s operation in our spacious, sterile surgery suite. A senior Eno assistant, usually Charles, is also part of your pet special surgery team.

Our partnership with Synergy means Eno patients receive advanced specialty pet surgery right here in our hospital, a familiar place where you and your fur baby are already at ease. Find more information about Dr. Eward and her team here.

Contact Us About Your Pet’s Orthopedic Surgery

If your pet’s limping, hurt, or injured, contact us today to schedule a consultation. A full physical exam plus diagnostics such as x-rays or ultrasound will determine if your pet needs orthopedic surgery.

With Eno Animal Hospital as your partner in pet care, you can trust your fur baby is in safe, caring hands.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.