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Tailored Nutrition Plans for Your Beloved Pet

Being overweight is a serious problem for pets, ultimately leading to preventable health problems and pain. Well-meaning, loving pet parents often unwittingly contribute to the problem of pet obesity. If your pet won’t eat pet food without people food, your pet has trained you!

The good news is Eno Animal Hospital offers pet nutritional consultations to set up a nutrition plan that meets your pet’s exact needs. With proper diet and exercise, plus your commitment, your pet can live a long, happy life at a healthy weight.

Obesity and Health Problems

Pet obesity poses significant health risks. Excess weight strains joints, leading to arthritis and reduced mobility.

Pet obesity also increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory issues, plus will often exacerbate any existing conditions and potentially shorten your pet’s lifespan.

An obese pet is more prone to skin problems and urinary tract issues. Overweight pets often suffer from lethargy, which negatively impacts emotional and mental wellbeing.

A pet nutritional consultation will ensure your beloved pet consumes the right balanced diet to enhance quality of life and optimize health and longevity.

Proper Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

You can book a pet nutritional consultation as a stand-alone visit or simply weave it into your pet’s wellness check-up. During a pet nutritional consultation, our Fear Free team will discuss how maintaining a proper diet is crucial for the overall health of your fur baby.

A well-rounded diet supplies essential nutrients for growth and energy to safeguard against illness. Vital nutritional elements include high-quality protein, essential fats, and vitamins and minerals.

Practicing portion control is pivotal to avoiding serious health issues like obesity. While dogs have omnivorous diets, cats are carnivores. A cat’s nutrition primarily comes from meat sources, emphasizing the need for higher protein content.

Your vet can recommend the best prescription diet to suit your fur baby. Prescription diets are backed by decades of scientific research, and the results are often remarkable.

Schedule a Pet Nutritional Consultation

Book a pet nutritional consultation at Eno Animal Hospital. We’re happy to create a personalized diet plan for your fur baby’s lifestyle and dietary needs because it means helping your pet live the best life!

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