Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Oct 19, 2022

Halloween is a night of spooky fun and sugary treats. Follow these tips to keep your pets safe—and prevent a visit to the emergency vet.

No, No, No Chocolate

Chocolate is toxic to pets! Chocolate contains an ingredient very similar to caffeine. It stimulates the central nervous system, as well as cardiac and skeletal muscles. Should your pet get his or her paws on any chocolate, call Triangle Referral Veterinary Hospital (TVRH) at 919-489-0615 or the 24/7 Pet Poison Helpline.

Do you know how much chocolate your pet ate? The amount and type of chocolate dramatically affect toxicity. Check the Chocolate Toxicity Calculator to help determine the level of toxicity your pet will experience.

Candy Is Also Toxic!

Many candies, especially “sugar-free” ones, include a sugar substitute called xylitol that is extremely toxic to dogs and cats. The dose of xylitol considered toxic for dogs is only 0.1 gram.

Xylitol can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), seizures, liver failure, or death.

Keep an Eye on the Little Dinosaur

a dog wearing a garment

Soft, comfy, safe, adorable!

It’s fun to dress up the furry member of the family. And some dogs and even cats love it! But costumes cause some pets anxiety and stress. Do a test run with your pet’s costume to make sure he or she is totally comfortable wearing it.

Also make sure the costume doesn’t restrict movement, sight, breathing, or the ability to bark or meow. Always stay with your pet when in costume! Straps and decorations can get caught on chairs, table legs, branches, and other objects.

Identification Please

If your pet escapes or gets lost, you want to make sure he or she is easily identifiable. Make sure your pet is wearing a bright collar or harness with up-to-date ID tags.

Make sure your microchip information is current. Does your pet need a microchip? Easy! Call us at (919) 471-0308 for a quick microchipping visit.

Cut Down on Chaos

a couple of dogs wearing clothing
Company isn’t always fun for fur babies.

Pets often get anxious, and even frightened, when the doorbell is constantly ringing or there are lots of people and activity around. Keep your pet in a safe, quiet place inside the house away from the action. Turn on the radio or television to drown out the noise of door-knocking and trick-or-treaters.

Do you have an extremely skittish or fearful pet? Let us take care of your fur baby!

We’ll happily look after your dog or cat for just a day or overnight. We have excellent boarding amenities and will take care of meals, walks, treats, love, and spoiling while you and your human family have Halloween or holiday fun. Call us at (919) 471-0308 to check availability and book your pet’s stay.

If you take your pet around the neighborhood, keep him or her on a sturdy leash at all times. If your pet nips, barks, or jumps when excited, probably best to leave him or her home.

Keep Your Pet Away From…

  • Glow sticks and glow jewelry: The liquid is not toxic but can cause excessive drooling, discomfort, agitation, or vomiting.
  • Uncooked pumpkin or corn: Ingesting uncooked pumpkin or corn can cause GI distress or even intestinal blockage. Nothing says Halloween nightmare like urgent surgery.
  • Electrical cords and batteries: Obviously, and every day! Just be sure your festive decorations are out of reach or totally safe for the fur babies who live basically on the floor.

We wish all pets and their people an awesome Halloween!

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.