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Pet Ultrasound

Pet Ultrasound: A Peek Inside Your Pet

At Eno Animal Hospital, we make sure your furry family member gets the best Fear Free care possible. That’s why we’ve embraced advanced diagnostic pet ultrasound as a way to get a closer look at your pet’s internal organs without the need for invasive procedures.

Pictures & Videos: Revealing Your Pet’s Health

Pet ultrasound uses ultrasonic waves to map your pet’s internal organs. Our high-end diagnostic ultrasound utilizes pictures and video to detect pregnancy, tumors, blockages, leaks, urinary crystals, and more.

This noninvasive imaging is a fantastic tool that complements radiographs and provides a fuller and precise picture of your pet’s health.

Swift, Accurate Diagnostics: Pet Ultrasound in Action

Digital ultrasound technology is fast and accurate, providing detailed images of your pet’s internal organs that help us swiftly identify health problems.

These impressive real-time outcomes mean we can create a customized treatment plan, and a referral to the right specialist right away if necessary, to get your beloved cat or dog back on the road to recovery and wellness.

Your Pet’s Health Journey: You’re in the Driver’s Seat

When it comes to your precious pet, we believe in teamwork and collaboration. That means involving you every step of the way.

Our caring, expert team is here to keep you informed on your pet’s ultrasound results, offer the best education on treatment options, and help you prioritize a treatment plan. Your active role in your pet’s care is important to us.

A Note on Expertise

While our veterinarians are skilled in using pet ultrasound for supplementary diagnostic insights, they are not trained as ultrasound specialists. In certain cases we will refer your pet to an ultrasound specialist for a definitive diagnosis and next steps.

Rest assured, our first priority is to ensure your fur baby gets the best care, especially when that means teaming up with outside specialists for specific health needs.

Pet Ultrasound at Eno Animal Hospital: Your Partner in Pet Wellness

We promise you and your pet will receive top-notch care, support, and expertise throughout this wellness journey. Your pet’s wellbeing is our passion. Let us know how we can help today.

Do You Need a Day Admission?

What if your pet needs a visit but can’t fit into an exact time slot? Reserve a day admission spot!

Day admissions are super convenient for busy pet parents, plus allow us to see as many patients as possible as we juggle a full day. You bring your pet to us in the morning; our team has the flexibility throughout the day to help your pet.

We ask day admissions to arrive between 8 and 8:30 a.m. and can usually accommodate small exceptions. Admitting your pet with a vet assistant takes about 10 minutes. You’ll update us on your pet’s health and fill out an admission form.

Admitted patients are not left lonely in a cage. Our medical team checks on them often. We also often walk admitted dogs, and always give lots of love and attention. During the day, we’ll call you with updates and an optimum treatment plan, then set up a time for you to come back and pick up your fur baby.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.