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Pet Microchipping

Help Your Pet Get Home

At Eno Animal Hospital, we believe microchips are the unsung heroes of pet care. These tiny devices play a pivotal role in reuniting lost pets with their anxious families, bringing joy and relief to both pets and pet parents.

Pet microchipping is a key component of best care for your furry family member. Microchips make happy reunions possible.

The Power of Microchips

According to AKC Reunite, lost pets with microchips are 20 times more likely to be reunited with their families! Each AKC Reunite microchip comes pre-registered, which eliminates a registration fee. All you need to do is create an account and input your contact information.

Your pet’s microchip data is stored in a private, secure nationwide database. Keeping your AKC Reunite contact information up-to-date is just as vital as the microchip itself!

Understanding Microchips

A microchip is a minuscule identification device, as small as a grain of rice, containing a unique ID number exclusively assigned to your pet.

The insertion process is quick, painless, and virtually unnoticeable. Your Fear Free vet pro will gently place this one-of-a-kind microchip between your pet’s shoulder blades, offering your pet permanent identification and lifelong protection.

Microchips are read by a specialized handheld scanner. We will always scan your pet’s microchip at annual check-ups to make sure it’s working properly.

What a Microchip Isn’t

A microchip is not a tracking device and cannot be used with GPS. It is only activated briefly by the specialized scanner.

Veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, emergency clinics, and adoption agencies all keep microchip scanners at the ready for the sole purpose of reading a found pet’s unique ID number and finding his or her family.

Give Your Best Friend the Best Care with Pet Microchipping

Identification tags and collars are helpful but can easily slip off. A microchip can never fall off or be misplaced. Lost pets can’t tell us who they are, but microchips can!

Microchipping is an indispensable part of best care, especially for pets who venture outdoors, even on a screened-in porch, or are purebred. Although rare, purebred pets are at higher risk of theft.

In the unfortunate event your pet gets lost and ends up in a shelter, a microchip could save his or her life. Fortunately, the APS of Durham is a no-kill organization, but not all shelters share this policy. We never want any Eno pet to face a dire situation.

Book Today for Pet Microchipping

Microchips reunite families and bring happiness back into the lives of pets and their pet parents! Does your fur baby need a microchip? Simply book a visit online or by calling our team at (919) 471-0308. We’re always here to give your fur baby the best care.

Do You Need a Day Admission?

What if your pet needs a visit but can’t fit into an exact time slot? Reserve a day admission spot!

Day admissions are super convenient for busy pet parents, plus allow us to see as many patients as possible as we juggle a full day. You bring your pet to us in the morning; our team has the flexibility throughout the day to help your pet.

We ask day admissions to arrive between 8 and 8:30 a.m. and can usually accommodate small exceptions. Admitting your pet with a vet assistant takes about 10 minutes. You’ll update us on your pet’s health and fill out an admission form.

Admitted patients are not left lonely in a cage. Our medical team checks on them often. We also often walk admitted dogs, and always give lots of love and attention. During the day, we’ll call you with updates and an optimum treatment plan, then set up a time for you to come back and pick up your fur baby.

We’re a Fear Free hospital because Fear Free is best medicine.