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Pawsitive Solutions: Your Guide to Happy, Well-Behaved Pets

Good pet behavior starts with good training. Good pet training means happier pets and happier humans! Training with your puppy is a life-long bonding experience. Positive reinforcement and consistency are essential training tools.

Eno Animal Hospital offers a basic pet behavior consultation that covers proven techniques for obedience, manners, house training, crate training, socialization, and desensitization for fearful or anxious pets. We can also refer you to local training experts for advanced guidance.

Training Tips for Dogs

Dogs thrive with clear rules and expectations. Pet training for dogs fosters memorable bonding moments between you and your fur baby.

To welcome your new puppy…

  • Set up a crate with toys in a quiet spot, respecting your puppy’s space.
  • Remain calm during departures and returns to prevent separation anxiety.
  • Gradually introduce your pup to children, other pets, and new people.

Start with the universal “sit” command using treats and praise. Practice “sit” during various activities to reinforce good behavior in your dog. Socialize your pup safely, exposing him or her to different environments and experiences.

Positive reinforcement is the best training approach. Reward good behavior with treats, praise, and gentle touches. Be consistent, patient, and loving in your pet training. Establish routines, and always include playtime.

Environmental Enrichment for Cats

Kittens must express themselves in creative, joyful antics and reflective moods. They are biologically programmed to be lively and curious!

To welcome your feline friend home…

  • Set up an individual food and water station, and always provide fresh water.
  • Set up a litter box in a quiet place and multiple locations.
  • Provide beds in different spots, such as under a chair or below a window.
  • Keep the pet carrier open with toys inside for a fun hiding spot, making trips to the vet easier!
  • Introduce your kitty to children, pets, and new people gradually.

Cats are hard-wired to scratch, for stretching, claw cleaning, and self-care. Provide various scratching posts to protect your furniture. Satisfy your kitten’s predatory instincts with safe toys like feathers and catnip. Avoid potentially harmful items like string or rubber bands. Keep a watchful eye and secure any household hazards.

Be patient and gentle. Give your feline fur baby a daily routine and lots of love! Groom with a soft brush. Make play a daily ritual. Stimulation is essential for kitties, plus great bonding time with you.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Pet’s Behavior and Training Needs

Our team is here to help you with all manner of pet behavior and training guidance. We can help address behavioral changes and rule out potential medical problems to ensure a healthy, happy, well-mannered pet. Let us know what you need for your beloved fur baby.

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