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We provide the best care and compassion in our beautiful new hospital.

We love welcoming new pets and their people to the amazing Eno family. We’re your other family doctor and a one-stop shop for your pet.

If you recently got a new fur baby, congratulations! If you recently moved to our beautiful town, welcome to Bull City! Our community is a great home for pet lovers. To welcome you to the Eno family, you’ll get $40 off your first visit.

A Deposit for Your First Visit

When we book your first visit, we create a profile of you and your pet in our system. We ask you to provide your pet’s medical records or a previous vet for us to contact if applicable. For your first visit, we require a $50 deposit to help us secure our schedule.

“No-shows” are a real challenge. A “no-show” leaves a gap in the schedule when we could have helped another fur baby.

The deposit is not a fee! It fully applies to your invoice when we see you and your pet. If you reschedule with at least 48-hours notice, we’ll keep it on your account as a credit. If you cancel with 48-hours notice, we will fully refund it.

After your first visit, when you stay in good standing (with no last-minute cancellations or no-shows), there is no deposit to book vet visits. We only require deposits for surgery, grooming, and boarding.

We look forward to a life-long friendship with you and your fur baby!

What to Expect at Eno

Our mission is to help as many pets as possible with the best care and compassion using Fear Free methods.

We know your time is valuable. You can easily submit our New Eno Pet form online before your first visit.

All new Eno pets get a full nose-to-tail physical. Your vet will thoroughly and expertly assess your pet’s overall wellness: eyes, ears, teeth, gums, mouth, vital organs, joints, spine, skin, paws, body condition, energy level, and more.

The exam is the most important part of any visit. This is how we make sure your pet is in good health and catch any problems as early as possible. The best medicine is preventative!

The exam is also the perfect time to talk about vaccinations, lab work, nutrition, behavior and training, socialization, wellness plans, and anything and everything that supports the long-term health and happiness of your pet.

We believe in treating the whole pet. We’re here to help your pet live the best life through all the stages. We promise to be here every step of the way.

You can expect the best care, from nail trims to parasite prevention to laser therapy. Explore all our services here. Pet parents especially love our grooming and boarding!

The Eno team is committed to happy visits. We always go above and beyond to make your unique fur baby feel welcome and safe—with treats, love, patience, praise, and kindness. Most of us are even certified Fear Free.

We love watching fur babies grow up and caring for them all their lives. Many Eno patients become beloved regulars, and their people become friends. We’re so excited to get to know your fur baby and get started on the right paw! Ready to join our happy family? Welcome to Eno.

Eno Animal Hospital: Your Other Family Doctor

For more than 30 years, Eno Animal Hospital has been a trusted partner for pet parents seeking exceptional veterinary care and compassion in Durham, Bahama, Butner, Rougemont, Creedmoor, and surrounding communities.

At Eno Animal Hospital, your pet's wellness is our priority. We're Fear Free pros who believe in caring for the whole pet. We have everything your pet needs under one roof. Book your first visit today and get $40 off! Put your pet in the best hands at Eno.
Eno Animal Hospital offers wellness care, treatments, surgery, dentistry, lab work, laser therapy, acupuncture, grooming, boarding, and more in Durham, Bahama, Butner, Rougemont, Creedmoor, and surrounding communities.


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