Safety, and best care, first! 
In these tumultuous times, we have a great plan for pets and their people. Most importantly, we’re here and still giving your pets the best care.

Quick action back in March, a commitment to rigorous safety measures, hard work, and dedication—plus the cooperation and support of our amazing Eno family—have kept us going and strong.

We continue to make every effort to help pets and support pet parents safely during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Durham, our beloved Bull City, is under a “safer at home” order. While this may disrupt every-day life and routine, it is crucial to follow all guidelines to help keep our community safe and healthy.

Face coverings and social distancing are required in public. They are also required at Eno. We must protect, and never risk, the safety of our community.

Eno Is Essential

Eno Animal Hospital has always been deemed an essential business, as we offer life-sustaining care.

We are committed to providing the best care and compassion to your pets. We have always followed the best practices of sterilization. We thoroughly disinfect surfaces after each and every use. and deep cleanings are regular maintenance.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and still unfolding. Please stay safe and be well.

All Visits Are Valet Service

  1. Call us when you get here. Tell us what parking space you’re in.
  2. A team member will come outside to fetch your pet from a safe social distance. Take your pet out of the car.
  3. Your vet will call you with exam findings and any treatment plan. We will take payment by phone and bring your pet back to you.

We know you’d rather be with your fur baby. Please bear with us as we navigate this new normal together. For the foreseeable future, we must limit direct access to Eno team members only.

We wish we could welcome you into our hospital. We must stay healthy so we can keep helping fur babies! Watch this short video to learn all about valet visits.

We work hard to provide pets the best care and pet parents the best service. If you have thoughts on how to make your pet’s visit go smoothly, just let us know!

Sit. Stay. Please!

Valet visits are scheduled exactly like regular visits. That means you need to stay here while your pet gets a happy visit inside.

Good sit! Happy visits are happening inside.

Valet visits are not day admissions—so you need to stay at Eno while we see your pet and then call you with exam findings and updates. It’s crucial for you to be available to take our call and be ready when your pet is ready to come back outside to you.

We have a busy schedule helping all the Eno pets. While we understand it’s tempting to leave and run a quick errand during a valet visit, please don’t! You help us—and every other pet and pet parent—tremendously when you stay at Eno.

Our team works hard to be prompt and efficient to make everything run smoothly for everybody. We have ice pops and cool water if you’d like a human treat! Please check out our website and Facebook page while you wait!

We appreciate your help to make all valet visits great.

Day Admission Is Another Option for Care

  1. We will email you a day admission form to fill out and return via email.
  2. Call us when you arrive, and we’ll take it from there—just like a valet visit.
  3. Call us when you come back to pick up; we’ll take payment by phone and bring your pet back to you.

Details on day admission:

Bring your pet in during a window of 7:45 to 8:15 a.m. We’ll set up a good time for you to pick up your pet in the afternoon or early evening.

Your pet will be kept safe and comfy in one of our boarding suites or the Treatment Area. As always, your pet will get the best care. We’ll call you during the day with exam findings and any treatment recommendations. We’ll get your approval before administering any treatment.

Stay Back!

Dory is ready to exit her car from a safe social distance.

Social distancing is essential. We must limit all potential exposure to COVID-19, for your safety and ours.

When we come outside to fetch your pet, please take your pet out of the car. A team member will be prepared to put your dog on a sanitized leash. If your cat or small dog is in a carrier, please set your pet’s carrier on the ground. It is much safer for you to take your pet out of the car than for a team member to reach inside your vehicle.

All Eno team members must keep a social distance. We certainly miss hugging and high-fiving you! We must do the right thing to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

How to Pick Up Medications

If you need to pick up food or medications, please call us to arrange it. We will take payment by phone and get an expected time for your arrival. We’ll put your item outside, with a receipt, on our stone column. This way you can grab what you need, and everyone is better protected.

Please wave to us! We really miss seeing our pet parents in person.

You may also order food, medications, parasite prevention, treats, toys, and more on our online store, which is 100% guaranteed.

What Is Essential Care?

  • Annual visits for pets due for rabies, distemper/parvo, lepto, and/or other core vaccines, heartworm testing, and/or intestinal parasite screens
  • First visits for puppies, kittens, and new adult pets
  • Boosting vaccines for pets in the vaccination series (to prevent restarting the series)
  • Sick visits, including quality-of-life concerns
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Pets requiring bloodwork or other critical examination/testing
  • Pets with chronic conditions or on life-long medication
  • Dentistry and surgery: spays, neuters, mass removals, orthopedic procedures, and others subject to veterinarian discretion
  • Boarding, with one exception: any pet with known exposure to COVID-19
  • Grooming, baths, and nail trims

If your pet needs urgent care, we may refer you to Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital or Veterinary Specialty Hospital—so you are not traveling to multiple vet practices and being exposed to multiple populations.

It’s been hard…but Beans knows we have a great plan!

If anything is compromising the health, well-being, or comfort of your pet, please let us know. We will work with you to determine the best course of action and treatment. Consultations by phone or video chat may be available at your veterinarian’s discretion.

The New Normal

Your cooperation and support help us so much! Especially as we all work together to navigate the new normal of COVID-19.

We are doing our very best during this crisis. We know y’all are, too. We have the best team and the best family.

We’re all in this together! As always, we’re here. Please call us at (919) 471-0308 if you have questions or need anything.