One team is so happy to offer professional grooming.


What a difference a groom makes!

One team is so happy to offer professional grooming. Both Brian and Noelle are simply wonderful with pets. Just look at these transformations! Our spa menu includes basic and medicated baths, special shampoos, brush-outs, blowouts, coat conditioning and deshedding treatments, and gentle dematting. We offer all manner of functional trims and haircuts, from shave-downs to classic cuts with precise hand-scissoring. Call us at (919) 471-0308 to book your pet’s spa day, or simply click above to book a grooming visit!

Before & After

Don’t Luna and Cooper look amazing? They also feel like brand new dogs.

Ranger got a special haircut to help his skin. Just look at Brian’s awesome scissor work framing his adorable face.

Noelle gave Ivy this perfect Doodle cut.

Happy bath. Happy haircut. Happy Millie!
Special shampoo really conditions the coat.

Max is so happy to show off his perfect Yorkie haircut.

Maisie is standing up tall and proud for this great groom!

Rook enjoyed a luxurious bath with special brightening and whitening shampoo.

A spectacular Schnauzer snip for sweet Mordy!

Noelle’s beautiful scissor work around Willow’s eyes, ears, and snout.
We promise she kept her tongue!

PJ is looking sharp! Brian loves classic canine cuts.

We promise this is the same Hank! Like looking in a mirror. Almost.

Elvis says thanks for loving me tender! And he wants to be our teddy bear.