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Laser Therapy: Great Care With Cool Shades

Laser therapy is easy and painless. 

Laser therapy heals. It’s proven to treat pain, reduce inflammation, and manage many chronic and acute conditions. Laser therapy is completely non-invasive, drug-free, and safe.

It’s great care with the cool shades. And it might be perfect for your pet!

No More Pain

Arthritis afflicts most senior pets. It’s crippling and painful. Laser therapy works wonders on it.

Patriot, a beautiful, sweet Husky, was one of our first laser therapy patients. He was so arthritic he couldn’t stand up. After just one laser therapy session, he walked out of our hospital on his own paws.

After that amazing day, he came in for regular laser therapy sessions every few weeks. Patriot’s people gave him a good, pain-free last six months of his long life.

Pet parents never want to see their fur babies suffer. Laser therapy dramatically increases comfort and quality of life. We know it works on arthritis and so many other things.

No More Inflammation

Laser therapy is therapeutic for anything inflamed: from urinary tract infections to ear infections, wounds to sprains to general aches and pains.

Dr. Grinstead once treated a Schnauzer with chronic ear infections, which meant severe swelling of the ear canals. His pet parents diligently treated the issue with medication and ointment but always assumed the condition had rendered him deaf since he never responded to sounds.

When we got our laser therapy machine, we immediately thought of this poor patient. His pet parents eagerly accepted our recommendation to try it to reduce his ear inflammation.

You guessed it. After just one session, the pup started responding to his pet parents’ voices. What a beautiful day that was for everyone!

Your Eno vet will access the exact type and amount of laser therapy that will best help your pet, and make recommendations for treatment based on your pet’s unique needs.

What Is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is an innovative treatment that uses light to stimulate cell growth and increase blood flow. Better circulation means less swelling and more healing.

There are two types of laser therapy: non-contact and contact. Non-contact works best for wounds, and surgical and dental sites: those one-off areas of discomfort.

That’s why we use laser therapy after every surgery and dentistry—it’s the best care. A short non-contact session on the sutured area or gums dramatically accelerates your pet’s post-op healing process and reduces inflammation and discomfort.

Each session only lasts 10 to 15 minutes for the entire process, from putting on the shades to all done. Laser therapy works best on chronic conditions over a period of several sessions.

What Does a Laser Therapy Session Entail?

The second type of laser therapy, contact laser therapy, works wonders for pets with chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Arthritis is joint inflammation. Inflammation means pain.

A short-wave laser beam directed gently over your pet’s trouble spot reduces inflammation—and therefore pain. We keep the beam moving constantly over the inflamed site and treat one spot at a time, e.g. hips or wrists or knees.

The entire process is simple and has no side effects. Rarely, the treatment won’t produce an amazing result. But usually, it does. Almost always, laser therapy produces the best results for your pet over multiple sessions.

Why does your pet have to wear eyeshades? They simply protect the peepers from coming into contact with the invisible laser beam.

What Else Does Laser Therapy Treat?

Many, many things! We know it’s great for arthritis and inflammation of all sorts.

Numerous, diverse medical issues and injuries respond remarkably well to laser therapy, including:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Sprains, strains, and fractures
  • Cuts and bites
  • Tissue trauma


Allergies are incredibly common for pets in our area. Whatever the source, they cause plenty of discomforts: itching, gnawing, ear shaking, scabbing. Laser therapy can help.

What Does Laser Therapy Cost?

We offer single sessions and prepaid packages depending on your pet’s exact needs. For chronic conditions such as arthritis, laser therapy works best over multiple sessions.

We recommend a certain number of sessions depending on your pet’s exact issue: mild or moderate inflammation, moderate to severe inflammation, and the extent of the chronic condition(s) being managed. All our laser therapy packages are set at discounted rates.

Please call us at (919) 471-0308 for more information about scheduling a laser therapy consultation or session.

Post-surgery: $20

Post-dentistry (gums): $18

Mild/Moderate Inflammation
One session: $30
Three prepaid sessions: $85.50 (5% discount)
Six prepaid sessions: $162 (10% discount
Nine prepaid sessions: $229.50 (15% discount)

Moderate/Severe Inflammation
One session: $42
Three prepaid sessions: $119.70 (5% discount)
Six prepaid sessions: $226.80 (10% discount)
Nine prepaid sessions: $321.30 (15% discount)

Chronic Condition One Session
One site: $48
Two sites: $59
Three sites:$71
Four sites: $82
Five sites: $94

Chronic Condition, One Site
Three prepaid sessions: $136.80
Six prepaid sessions: $259.20
Nine prepaid sessions: $367.20

Chronic Condition, Two Sites
Three prepaid sessions: $168.15
Six prepaid sessions: $318.60
Nine prepaid sessions: $451.35

Chronic Condition, Three Sites
Three prepaid sessions: $202.35
Six prepaid sessions: $383.40
Nine prepaid sessions: $543.15

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