We’ve all watched the news and seen heart wrenching stories about a storm, a fire, or some other catastrophic event that has made someone homeless and wondered: ‘Did they have pets?’ And if they did, what happened next? Could they afford vet bills if they lost everything?

There are times when a medical need arises for a pet whose owner is experiencing financial difficulties whether it is loss of a job, illness, or any number of reasons. Would you, if faced with a similar situation, want to be forced to say, “I can’t afford that” knowing your pet will suffer, maybe even die? We hope you never find yourself in such a heartbreaking place, but it can happen to anyone, and that is why we created the Eno Animal Hospital Memorial Angel Fund.

Eno Animal Hospital makes a donation to our Angel Fund in memoriam, as a tribute for every one of our clients’ pets that pass. In addition, donations from people like you help support the Angel Fund, which enables us to help pet owners who need assistance to obtain medical care for their pet. It helps to cover the necessary medicines and procedures offered by Eno Animal Hospital for those in an hour of need.

One day soon, someone right here in your community is going to need a little help for their pet. As part of our community, we – just like you – want to be among those who help others because we appreciate the powerful emotional effect our pets have on us. But it doesn’t end there. We hope that those needing this temporary help will be able to pay the kindness forward by donating to the fund when they are back on their feet financially. The Angel Fund is here to help, not to offer free veterinary services.

Add to that the promise that 100% of every donation – not a penny less – is used for the medical care of the animals in need. There are no salaries, no costs for paper clips or coffee. Everything and every hour is covered.

It takes a ‘special breed’ to offer such generosity to someone you don’t even know. If you would like to help us help an animal in need, and put a pet owner’s mind at ease – donate today if you can.

The Eno Animal Hospital Memorial Wall

Samson Clark • Luke Crabtree • Bob Elrod • Gracie Elrod • Splotchy Ganson-Braun • Lil Stone-Rodriquez • Lizzy Lou Melvin • Willow Armstrong • Foxy Flagg • Misty Simmons • Oscar Resnick • Jill Tuten • Malibu Worrell • Mow-Mow Parrish • Cisco Smith • Jayda Parks • Panther Martinez • Pwee Hall • Grace Boyd • Jacob Fernandez • Neal Harley • Oreo Tunstall • Koji Wilkinson • Rusty Barbour • Mittens Fyfe • Suzie Q Dearr • Winter Stubbs • Princess Bryant • Sydney Lockwood • Isis Allen • Skylar Whitaker • Murphy Finn • Lucy Nixon • Candie Holleman • Elsie Wismer • Caesar Webb • Captain Ganson-Braun • Kitty McDonald • Ginger Snapple Valentine • Misty Porterfield • Peanut Lopez • Silver Zambrano • Neo Terry • Simba Barnes • Mattie Hart • Leroy Orio • Waldo O’Neal • Sweetie Jorgenson • Boogie Fred  Hester • Alex Gordon • Maseo Hughes • Bob Crenshaw • Midnight Jones • Baxter Andrews • Goober Bass • Kowe Copeland • Angel Goss • Willie • Lacy Ward • Lexi Resnick • Precious Martin • Biddy Poer • Ella Link • Miss Kitty Vickers • Beauregard (Beau) Gillis • Lucy Morton • Sasha Warren • Turkish Janssen • Gizzy Foster • Royalty Miller • Sam Bernardina • Roxi Dance • Abby Tyndall • V G Caruso • Tiny Lee • Suzie Q Knott • Quiz Barnett • Roxy Walters • Shadow Mack • Ching Rush • Bronco Taylor • Loki Newlin • Jack Tuten • June Principio • Foxy Cooper • Boston Brown • Pocky Tom • Rico Martinez • Kona Armstrong • Jordan Loke • Jeeves Howle • Parker Roberts • Peper Smedley • Charlie Hill • Kitty Ford • Lily Morris • Oscar Nixon • Roxi Smith • Kalli Lyons • Josephine Baker Camara • Cornelius Chateau • Matilda Broili • Marlin Webb • Peppa Hendrix • Sylvester Poe • Sally Eyl • Annie Goss • Jasper Warren • Holly Berry Winfree • Lilly Nell Crabtree • Duke Roberts • Bae Bae Cates • Molly Stephens • Oreo Solorzano • Rosemond • Rollings • Lola Cabrera • Jackson Pierson • Gracie McDougal • Tucker Wilson • Bella Richardson • Martin Hogan-Mayo • Livy Wymore • Stoney Stone • Jack Nixon • Caley Hopkins • Bernie Anderson • Izzy Deans • Spike Rokose • Oliver Hawkins • Mikey Sheets • Drizzle Terry • Clover Ganson-Braun • Peppy Bates • Riley Hoyt • Clyde Hartung • Sandy Andrews • Shenzi Jackson • Bambi Riley