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The Eno Cleaning Club welcomes all fur babies who need routine dental cleanings. Dental cleanings help keep your pet healthier, happier, and free of painful dental disease. Plus, membership comes with perks.

Cleaning Club membership means…

  • A flat rate for each annual dental cleaning—a savings of about 10%
  • Essential at-home dental care products—your choice of Oravet chews, water additive, or another essential dental care product every 3 months
  • Peace of mind—knowing your fur baby is living the healthiest life!

To be a Cleaning Club member, your pet must have a dental cleaning every 12 to 14 months. Your pet can stay in the Cleaning Club for as long as he or she only needs annual dental cleanings. Cleaning Club membership lasts until your pet ever needs dental surgery, aka extractions.

Please note: If we discover your Cleaning Club pet needs extractions while in a routine dental cleaning, we’ll let you know right away—and you’ll still get a 10% discount on extractions that day.

Flat rates for Cleaning Club pets are…

  • Cats = $450
  • Dogs under 25 pounds = $500
  • Dogs 25 to 50 pounds = $550
  • Dogs over 50 pounds = $600

Pre-operative blood work is separate from Cleaning Club rates, since we must tailor each lab for each unique pet. The exact pre-operative blood work we need depends on your pet’s age, health, and other exam results and factors.

Blood work to assess the health of your pet’s internal organs and systems is essential because it helps us determine if anesthesia is safe for your pet.

Why Should Your Fur Baby Join?

We created our Cleaning Club to help as many pets as possible stay healthy through annual dental cleanings. We hope to start younger pets on the best dental care as soon as necessary. We actually hope to see many more cleanings and far fewer dental surgeries!

Routine dentistry, plus great at-home care, can prevent or even reverse early dental disease…so major dental surgery may never be necessary. We never want your pet to suffer painful tooth decay, root rot, gum lesions or abscesses or pockets, or anything else that hurts that we can prevent.

It’s best for your pet to have an easy cleaning every year than to need dozens of teeth extractions and gum surgery one time in the future. We want fur babies to stay in the Cleaning Club for a long time.

What we do is about medicine, not money.

Your vet will make a dentistry recommendation at your pet’s annual wellness visit. Please call our team with any questions about the Eno Cleaning Club. We hope your fur baby will join!

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