So nice to meet you! 

Vet visits can be stressful. Pets and their people too often dread them.

The Eno team is committed to creating happy visits, and we always go above and beyond to make your unique fur baby feel as welcome and safe as possible.

What does a happy visit entail? Low-stress care, full of treats and love! We do anything for pets, especially to alleviate any fear they feel here.

Please note: We must still keep everyone safe from COVID-19. All vet visits are either valet service or curbside check-in. We’re so happy to invite one pet parent inside to have a happy visit with your fur baby! To come inside, you must have a curbside check-in visit booked with a veterinarian. Masks are required. Get all the details about valet visits and curbside check-in.

Go ahead. Snuggle in.

You did it Layla! One step at a time.

It’s the Little Things…

Dr. Grinstead designed our beautiful new hospital to be comfortable and calming. It looks and feels like a home—painted soft blue and cream, full of stonework and wooden beams—not a cold clinic. You can tell she thought about every warm, inviting detail.

Our lobby features separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, since dogs often get hyper when they smell cats and cats usually get frightened when they smell dogs. Our exam rooms are also divided into dog rooms and cat rooms, equipped with special pheromones to help soothe canine and feline nerves.

You did it Layla! One step at a time.
We welcome pets with relaxed body language and careful eye contact—or none. We greet pets with soft tones and low-key positive energy. We approach wary patients quietly and slowly, and are always on the lookout for what works, and what doesn’t, for each special fur baby.

For bigger dogs, our scales are even built right into the floor. That way, they never have to navigate a step up (and then down), even a small one. This tiny touch makes a huge difference in helping us weigh a nervous pup! Every inch counts when winning over a fur baby.

We’re 100% committed to making each pet feel at ease. So many pet parents delightedly watch their dogs jog happily into our hospital! Cats can be trickier to win over…yet we have more than our fair share of calm, cooperative kitties.

Happy visits come with tons of treats.
Easy does it. That’s Dr. Peace’s motto.
…And the Big Things

We practice gentle handling with the least restraint required. You’ll often find us on the floor with your pup, since the floor is almost always where dogs are the most comfortable and relaxed. We use plenty of peanut butter, high-end treats, and fun toys to distract and entice.

We never force cats out of their carriers, lifting off the lids instead. We carry them gently, and take care to make slow movements. In our “cats only” room, kitties are free to explore or curl up in a cozy nook.

Easy does it. That’s Dr. Peace’s motto.
Dr. Grinstead has always insisted the Eno team understands and embraces how often “less is best” when it comes to nervous fur babies. We never force or hold down a scared pet. Instead, we offer distraction and encouragement, and often prescribe calming medication to ease anxiety for the next vet visit.

All the little things add up to big success: happy pets having happy visits!

Best Team + Best Practices = Trust

Dr. Peace is masterful at helping fearful pets: taking all the time needed to let them overcome trepidation on their terms. He is tremendously skilled at desensitization techniques, and beautifully intuitive at earning trust.

Dr. Peace has even been able to examine severely scared patients, some who have not let a vet get near them in years. It always touches our hearts, and the hearts of the pet parents, to watch him work his magic! Patience, kindness, and consistency are key.

This is how we do it.

Best of all, to help our nervous patients even more, Dr. Robyn is now certified Fear Free. If your pet is particularly anxious at vet visits, Dr. Robyn is ready to provide exceptional extended care… 

  • Pre-visit coordination with you
  • An extensive Fear Free checklist
  • Visits in our Comfort Room for maximum peace and quiet
Yes to happy hugs!

Everyone at Eno is trained in the best practices for building trust, often over time. Just visit our Facebook for amazing pictures and videos of happy Eno pets!

We are your other family doctor. You and your pet deserve our very best: first and foremost to feel welcome and happy in our home. For more information about happy visits, or anything else your fur baby needs, call us at (919) 471-0308.