Meet Our Team

We’re entirely dedicated to your pet’s health and happiness.

Dr. Robyn Hahn, DVM

Dr. Robyn worked as a full-time vet at Eno for two years, the first of our team to become Fear Free certified! In July 2022, she took the incredible opportunity to move into emergency vet medicine at a new hospital in Charlotte. Happily, she still “guest stars” a few days a month helping Eno pets.

Equal parts warmth and wit, Dr. Robyn is known for her energy, intelligence, and dedication. She loves yoga, and her motto is: “The glass is always refillable.”

Dr. Robyn earned her bachelor’s degree at Virginia Tech, master’s in Immunology from UNC-Chapel Hill, and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 from NC State. She has a background in equine medicine and is an excellent horseback rider, competing at the national and FEI levels in dressage.

Dr. Robyn shares a farm in Hillsborough with her partner, daughter, a Whippet named Hamish, Violet the Chihuahua mix, three cats, a mini-donkey, many lovely chickens, and two naughty goats.