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Eno Is All About Happy Visits!

So nice to meet you! Vet visits can be stressful. Pets and their people too often dread them. The Eno team is committed to creating happy visits, and we always go above and beyond to make your unique fur baby feel as welcome and safe as possible. What does a...

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All About Valet Visits: To Keep Everyone Safe From COVID-19

Safety, and best care, first! Quick action at the very start of the COVID-19 crisis back in March 2020. A commitment to rigorous safety measures, hard work, and dedication. The cooperation and support of our amazing Eno family. Those things have kept us going...

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Microchips Mean Reunions

Microchips make happy reunions for pets and their people! Microchips help lost pets find their way home and save pet parents from losing their fur babies forever. Microchipping is an important part of the best care. An Eno pet parent once found two pups running...

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Dental Care Is Key to Your Pet’s Health and Happiness

Dental disease is extremely common in pets: 85% of adult dogs and cats have some stage of it. By age 3, eight in 10 dogs and seven in 10 cats are already showing signs. Small dogs are at higher risk for tartar formation, gum infection, and loss of teeth. Dental...

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The (Big) Picture of Health: Blood Work

Cooper is ready for his external AND internal close-up! Blood work captures a valuable, vital picture of your pet’s real health. Pet’s of all ages benefit from blood work. By using this crucial tool, we know exactly where your pet stands as he or she...

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To Spay or Not to Spay? Spay! And Neuter, Too

This little fur ball deserves a long, happy life! Getting a pet “fixed” is a big decision. We’re here to tell you: Fix away! Seriously: Spaying or neutering is one of the best things you could ever do for your fur baby. It can prevent serious health problems,...

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Can You Spot a Fake?

Look carefully! Are these real? (Yes.) Parasite prevention saves lives. Your pet needs to be on parasite prevention. The products we carry, recommend, and use on our own pets are effective and safe. They’ve been thoroughly researched and tested. Used properly...

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Parasite Prevention Saves Lives

Ruh roh: Parasites are bad Butters! Your pet needs to be on parasite prevention. Parasitic infection is some of the worst stuff we’ve seen...and we’ve seen it all. Parasites can cause serious health issues and even be fatal. Parasites are terrible. We can’t...

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The Joys of Spring: Allergies Anyone?

Sig loves belly scratches...not grass itchies. Spring has sprung! This spectacular season means beautiful blooms, glorious greenery...and awful allergies. Pets can suffer from pollen just as much as people do. Unrelenting itchiness, sneezing that just won’t...

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What We Are Doing to Keep Everyone Safe From COVID-19

Safety, and best care, first! In these tumultuous times, we have a great plan for pets and their people. Most importantly, we're here and still giving your pets the best care. Quick action back in March, a commitment to rigorous safety measures, hard work, and...

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Eno’s Cause: Pet Oxygen Kits Help Avert Tragedy

Pet oxygen kits save lives. They should be on every fire truck in every city, everywhere. A pet parent's nightmare. On the night of Aug. 6, 2019, Derby was caught in a fire at Falconbridge Animal Hospital. His mom got the call around midnight. Her fur baby,...

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