Meet Our Team

We’re entirely dedicated to your pet’s health and happiness.

Dr. Michael Peace, DVM


We met Dr. Peace out and about several years ago in beautiful Bull City at a community holiday event for dogs, and we’re so happy we did. In January, Dr. Peace celebrated three years on the Eno team!

A fierce animal advocate committed to the very best medicine, Dr. Peace is a brilliant Associate Veterinarian.

Dr. Peace is adored by pets and beloved by pet parents. He’s renowned for getting down on the floor with patients and giving the best belly rubs. He’s passionate about happy visits and making pets feel safe and secure.

Many times, we’ve seen Dr. Peace gently and lovingly approach nervous pups who wouldn’t get anywhere near previous veterinarians. With his careful, calm, and compassionate approach and expert skills, Dr. Peace often impresses pet parents—and then becomes their friend for life.

In addition to wellness care, surgery, dentistry, and our many services, Dr. Peace offers basic behavior consultations that cover proven techniques for obedience, house training, crate training, socialization, and desensitization for fearful or anxious pets.

Dr. Peace earned his undergraduate degree in animal science in 2007 and his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2011, both from the esteemed North Carolina State University. In 2015, he earned a master’s in pathology from Duke University.

Always willing and eager to share his experience and expertise, Dr. Peace often helps train our team in all manners of best care, from nail trims to anesthesia monitoring.

We welcome his wisdom and are grateful every day for his dedication and resolve. He always goes above and beyond to check up on pets and pet parents. He’s committed to continuing his education and always being—and becoming—the best vet he can be.​

Dr. Peace grew up in Henderson and lives in Durham with his two dogs, Jackson and Sophie. His hobbies include training his pooches, spending time with loved ones, traveling (especially to Disney World), and rooting passionately for Duke basketball. He is an excellent amateur photographer whose beautiful work often graces our social media pages.