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We know it takes trust to board your fur baby. We’re pet parents, and we board our pets here, too.

Eno: Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

Our new hospital offers beautiful boarding facilities for dogs and cats. We know it takes trust to board your fur baby. We’re pet parents, and we board our pets here, too.

We promise to care for all Eno pets as if they were our own. We will love your fur baby almost as much as you do!

Each Eno Kennel Assistant is highly trained to practice the highest standards of care and cleanliness.

We provide soft blankets and cozy bedding. We use our own food and water bowls. For your convenience, there is no need to provide bedding or bowls. We do all we can to make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable.

We check three times a day to make sure your pet’s room and bedding are clean and dry. We meticulously track each boarding pet’s eating, drinking, and elimination habits. If we ever notice anything even slightly amiss, we immediately alert a Vet Assistant or veterinarian.

Your fur baby will have fresh water three times a day. We will feed your pet his or her exact diet if you choose to supply that food for the duration of the boarding stay. You may also choose to have your pet eat our in-house, easily digestible dry food at no additional cost. If you would like your pet to eat our in-house canned food, you may purchase enough for the stay.

We’re happy to give your pet plenty of love and spoiling, play and attention. If your pet needs peace and quiet, that’s OK too. We can usually make special accommodations for your fur baby. We go above and beyond to do what is best for each unique boarding pet.

Details for Dogs

Our boarding area for dogs is private and spacious, and lets in lots of natural light. We have 16 large runs and six variously sized “rooms” for smaller pooches. Each pet has a designated cubby for his or her food and medications. In our fenced-in walking area, your pup will safely have three walks a day. We love to walk dogs; we love the fresh air, exercise, play—and kisses!

With our plans, you have options.

We offer five wellness plans: one for cats and four for dogs based on adult weight. Each plan runs 12 months and includes…

  • Wellness visit with a full physical exam

  • Annual recommended vaccines

  • Intestinal parasite screen (fecal test)

  • Wellness blood work, including a heartworm test and bio-hazard fee

  • Wellness visit at six months

  • 12 months of parasite prevention, to protect your pet from deadly heartworms, fleas, ticks, and internal parasites

There is a one-time $50 membership fee when you register. Then you’ll save hundreds of dollars a year on your fur baby’s wellness care. For more information and exact pricing for each plan, call us at (919) 471-0308.