The cooperation and support of our amazing Eno family keeps us going and strong during these tumultuous times. We must stay healthy so we can stay open–and keep helping your pets!

Eno Animal Hospital is an essential business, as we offer life-sustaining and life-saving care. We’ve proudly stayed fully open since the very start of the pandemic since we have a great COVID-19 plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. While we have made great strides as a community, the virus is still with us. We must protect, and never risk, the safety of our team and pet parents.

Please note: Masks are required at Eno. #1: To keep everybody safe and healthy. And #2. We are a private vet hospital with a beautifully diverse Eno family, some of whom are immune-compromised, have health issues, or need extra protection.

Valet Service 101

Valet service is for day admissions, pets admitted for surgery or dentistry, visits with a vet assistant, grooming, and boarding. You can also book a vet visit for valet service if you prefer to stay in your car while your pet has a happy visit inside!

#1: Call us when you get here and tell us what parking space you’re in. #2: A team member will come outside to fetch your pet. Please take your pet out of the car; this is much safer than for us to reach inside your vehicle. #3: When your pet is ready to go, we will call you to take payment by phone and bring your pet back to you.

If your pet has seen the vet, your vet will call you during the visit with exam findings and any treatment plan.

If your pet has had surgery or dentistry, we will call you with updates later in the day and confirm a discharge time.

If your pet is here for grooming, your groomer will set a discharge time or call you when your pet is done in the spa. Just call us when you get back here!

Valet Vet Visits: Sit. Stay. Please!

Vet visits with valet service are scheduled exactly like regular vet visits. They’re different from day admissions, when you leave your pet here and come back later.

If you prefer valet service for a vet visit, please stay at Eno while we see your pet and call you with exam findings. It’s crucial for you to be available to take our call, and be ready when your pet is ready to come back outside to you. Otherwise, your pet is left waiting while we have other pets to see.

We have a busy schedule helping all the Eno pets. While we understand it’s tempting to run a quick errand during a valet visit, please don’t. You help us tremendously when you stay here. Check out adorable Eno fur babies on our Facebook while you wait!

Good sit! Happy visits are happening inside.

Our team works hard to be prompt and efficient, and to make everything run smoothly for every pet parent. We appreciate your help to make all valet service great.

Watch a valet service in action! Click here for a short video featuring Dr. Grinstead and our team.

If you’d rather be with your fur baby for a vet visit, you can! Learn all about curbside check-in, when one pet parent is invited inside.

Day Admission Is An Option for Care

We set aside day admission spots for pets who need to see the vet when pet parents cannot make a specific visit time during the day. Details on day admission…

We admit pets during a window of 7:45 to 8:15 a.m. Call us when you arrive, and we’ll take it from there with valet service. We’ll set a time for you to pick up your pet later in the day.

Your pet will be kept safe and comfy in one of our boarding suites or the Treatment Area. As always, your pet will get the best care. We’ll call you during the day with exam findings and any treatment plan, to get your approval before administering care.

Call us when you come back; we’ll take payment by phone and bring your pet back to you.

Dory prepares to exit the car with an assist from her pet parent.

How to Pick Up Something for Your Pet

For food or medications, please call us in plenty of time to fill whatever your pet needs. We’ll let you know when it is ready to be picked up. When you get here, simply come inside–wearing a mask–to check out.

You can always order food, medications, parasite prevention, treats, toys, and more on our online store, which is 100% guaranteed.

The New New Normal

Your cooperation and support make our work enjoyable, especially as we all work together to navigate COVID-19 and best help your pets.

We are doing our very best. We will continue to make the best decisions to keep everyone safe. We are committed to providing pets the best care and pet parents the best service.

If anything is compromising the health, well-being, or comfort of your pet, please let us know. We will work with you to determine the best course of action and treatment. Consultations by phone or video chat may be available at your veterinarian’s discretion.

We’re all in this together! As always, we’re here. If you have any questions about valet service, please call us at (919) 471-0308.

Beans deserves the very best vet!