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We love Eno Animal Hospital. Absolutely no problems with level of care, communication with vets and staff. Our dog family is quite pleased when visiting Eno. I vouch for the vet care, grooming and all that is offered.

Dr. William and Donna S.


On March 9, 2015 we started Companion Laser Treatments for our beloved Patriot to help decrease his spinal stenosis and hip pain and improve his overall mobility. The day we took him to Eno Animal Hospital for his 1st treatment we had to lift him in and out of our vehicle. Immediately following the laser therapy treatment Patriot was not only able to walk better but able to climb into our vehicle without assistance. We were thrilled beyond belief to see such positive results after just one laser therapy treatment. Patriot was put on a regimen of one to two treatments per week since then greatly improving his quality of life. The laser therapy results have been truly amazing.

Danny & Jane Hamilton

P.S. “Laser treatment has added a lot of comfort to my life. And the Eno Animal Hospital staff is just great.” Patriot Hamilton

patriot patriot2

Eno Animal Hospital has always provided the best and loving care for my German Shepherd Roxie. Other vets that I have taken her to have been nervous around her because of her breed, one even muzzled her. Dr. Grinstead never once treated Roxie as a scary Shepherd, she immediately joins my pup in the floor and lets her give nervous kisses making her feel more comfortable. They give follow up phone calls to see if Roxie is feeling better, a step that no other vet has taken. The techs are always very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Grinstead is very thorough in explaining after care procedures and at home instructions. I would recommend this vet to everyone in the area. Thank you Eno Animal Hospital!

Anna F.

Dr. Grinstead is a very good Doctor. I love my animals like children and would not take them to anyone I did not trust to do what was best for them. I am one of her biggest fans.

Jill A.

Dr. Grinstead and her staff at Eno Animal Hospital are amazing. Our dogs have received the absolute best care here. We lost our sweet Boxer, BAMA back before Christmas from a massive brain tumor. My family could not have asked for better care for our girl. The staff at Eno were exceptional and very loving toward us during this very difficult time. I highly recommend Dr. Grinstead to everyone. Our other Boxer, Bear, loves going to see them!

Monica S.

I can t say enough good things about Dr. Grinstead and the folks at Eno Animal Hospital. She has show such compassion with our animals. Her attention to detail is amazing and her ability to take you on a moments notice is so reassuring as a pet owner. Great Veterinarian and Fabulous staff! Love them! Highly recommended!

Stephanie D.

Great place. Great Staff. Excellent Veterinary care!

Penny S.